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the armored patrol WoT EU – The LT-432 and the Somua SM in the Premium Shop

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Today, we have two vehicles in store for you that couldn’t be more different from each other:

  • The LT-432, a Soviet light tank with a low profile, high speed, and a brutal rate of fire. It’s not limited to scouting only – use your speed, angled armour, and gun to support your medium tanks and earn even more XP and Credits.
  • The Somua SM, a French heavy tank with a five-round autoloader. Unlike its brethren, this vehicle comes with quite strong armour – dealing and taking damage is as easy as breathing.

LT-432 Offers

Supreme – 89.99 €

Ultimate – 49.99 €

Standard – 25.07 €

  • ussr.png VIII r158_lt_432_icon.svg LT-432
  • wot_icon_garage_slot_new_phil_25x.png Garage Slot
  • 100% Trained Crew

Somua SM Offers

Supreme – 99.99 €

Ultimate – 59.99 €

Standard – 39.99 €

  • france.png VIII f84_somua_sm_icon.svg Somua SM
  • prizecrew_big_-_kopiya.png100% Trained Crew
  • wot_icon_garage_slot_new_phil_25x.png Garage Slot

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