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  1. If you play World of Tanks regularly, you might recall some situations when a certain degree of privacy is needed, and most of those examples relate to battles. Let’s take a closer look. Newcomers, Streamers, and Skilled Players Many commanders just play for fun. They don’t have a very high win ratio compared to skilled players, and teammates may criticize them for not playing well enough. On the other hand, an experienced player who knows all the maps and characteristics of different vehicles may become a priority target for adversaries. Their experience may be decisive in battle, so the enemy will try to eliminate them first. Our contributors and streamers have also frequently requested a feature to play with a bit more comfort. Any player can go into battle with a streamer on some fine day. Both the allies and the enemy notice famous players, and they often become target number one everybody wants to destroy. And even if allies are no longer a problem since we disabled friendly fire, the enemy will still focus their fire on the streamer. The Anonymizer can help with these issues by addressing sources of negativity and allowing you to enjoy the game in peace. How It Works The Anonymizer works only during battles. You select the relevant option in the game settings and activate it. This feature will work when playing in all Random Battles types (Standard, Assault, Encounter, and Grand Battles), as well as in Frontline, Ranked Battles, PvE, and PvP modes. The Anonymizer will be disabled for: Team Training Stronghold Battles (Skirmish, Advance) Global Map Bootcamp Tournament Battles The game generates a random username each battle. It’s not a random set of characters, but a plausible nickname that more or less makes sense, so that other players won’t even notice you have the Anonymizer turned on. They will realize you were using it only after the battle when they want to see your statistics. You will still see your real nickname (and your platoon mates as well), while the random username suggested by the Anonymizer will be displayed to your teammates and adversaries. Take a look. Playing in Platoons The Anonymizer can work both with static and dynamic platoons. However, we strongly recommend you be careful when choosing your platoon-mates, because your hidden information may be disclosed in battle if they (or you) are using third-party software. Let’s Take the Game Seriously! We hope you enjoy this new feature and that it will make the game more enjoyable for you. However, we want to remind you again of the Fair Play Policy. Using the Anonymizer is not a reason to abuse the rules and make the game less enjoyable for responsible players. This tool doesn’t make you invisible, so the Administration may take action against players exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior. One measure we can take is to block the use of the Anonymizer for the player, temporarily or permanently. View the full article
  2. Next season of Clan Wars are speculated to begin in the middle of January, this time we are expecting some newly added vehicles that were not part of the last Clan Wars campaign, the auction of the recently released Bonds Shop, exact contents are unknown. View the full article
  3. Commanders! The final episode of the Frontline 2019 Season will start on November 18 at 06:00 CET and will be available until November 25 at 03:00 CET (UTC+1). This is your last chance in the Season to experience epic 30v30 battles and to win heaps of rewards and formidable reward tanks! The 10th episode of Frontline is about to begin. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed your time playing Frontline, and we’re already hard at work making great plans for the future of this mode. In the meantime, we’d like to remind you that you still have the opportunity to get your hands on the formidable vehicles available this Season. If you haven’t grabbed the reward tanks yet, now is the best time to jump back in and make the most of the final Frontline episode! Let’s look at each vehicle individually once again. The STA-2: A versatile Japanese medium tank. Thanks to its balance between mobility, firepower, and gun depression, the STA-2 is a capable support vehicle. The WZ-111: A Chinese heavy tank featuring high damage per shot, as well as good mobility and decent armor. Effective both against heavy and medium tanks. The Emil 1951: The first ever Swedish Tier VIII Premium heavy tank with an autoloader, boasting decent frontal armor and good alpha damage with both standard and special rounds. The AE Phase I: A unique Tier IX American heavy tank featuring four segmented tracks and a built-in Large Repair Kit consumable. It has a solid, bouncy turret and boasts an accurate gun with good vertical gun angles and penetration values. These armored warriors are worth sweating over, so don’t miss this last chance to earn them for your tank collection! Exchange Prestige Points for Gold and Bonds After completing the Season, you’ll be able to exchange your remaining Prestige Points for rewards, regardless of whether you have enough to purchase a reward tank or not. The exchange rate will be as follows: 1 Prestige Point = 300 Gold and 100 Bonds You can exchange your Prestige Points in the tank selection window of the Frontline interface. Check it out: The opportunity to exchange Prestige Points will be available immediately after Episode 10 is over, starting from November 25, 2019 (02:05 UTC), and lasting until December 10, 2019 (02:00 UTC). If you don’t exchange them before the deadline, your Prestige Points will automatically be exchanged for Gold and Bonds. Use Your Rental Fund to Enlarge Your Tank Collection! If you spent Gold on rental vehicles this year, it was accumulated in a special fund. You can still use it as a discount when purchasing any of the 11 original rental tanks available in Frontline this Season. If you haven’t done that yet, now is the best time to enlarge your collection at a discounted rate! If you don’t use your fund before December 10, 2019 (02:00 UTC), it will disappear. Compensation for Personal Reserves for Frontline If you still have Personal Reserves at the end of the 2019 Season, we’ll compensate you the full cost of those purchased for gold. Compensation will happen automatically on November 25, 2019 (02:05 UTC). For example, if you have 10 Reserves left, and 5 of them were purchased for gold, then we will refund the full cost of 5 Reserves at the end of the Season. All unused free Reserves will disappear. If you have both purchased and free Reserves in your vault, and you used both of them during the Season, then we consider that you have spent the free ones first. For example, if you had five purchased and five free Reserves, and you spent five of them, then we will assume that you only used the free ones. So we’ll refund the full cost of five Reserves. See You All Next Frontline Season! On behalf of the whole Frontline team, we’d like to express our deep and sincere appreciation to every one of you. We tried hard to surprise in the most epic mode in World of Tanks, and we’ll be waiting for you in the revamped Frontline next year, with even more rewards and specials. We have several ideas on how to make this mode even more exciting and challenging, so stay tuned—we will share all relevant information with you as soon as we get it! We’d also like to inform you that Season 2019 will officially be closed on December 10, 2019 (02:00 UTC), when Frontline takes a break until next year. See you in Frontline 2020, and good luck on the battlefield! View the full article
  4. Commanders! Spooked by the lack of some creepy content this autumn? Don’t panic! We have prepared something special for you: the Spooky Challenge with unique customization styles and more up for grabs. Let’s take a closer look. The Spooky Challenge November 8, 2019, 05:00 UTC through November 18, 2019, 05:00 UTC The main rewards of this eerie event will be exclusive 2D and horror-themed 3D custom looks that will transform your tanks into spooky vehicles. Rise to the spook-tacular challenge, bring fear to the battlefield, and earn the styles that will make your tanks look really creepy! Unique Styles and a Bunch of In-Game Rewards You’ll be able to fulfill two parallel sets of daily battle missions in any Tier IV vehicle or higher. The task conditions in both sets will be diverse, leaving you plenty of space to hone your skills. Upon successful completion of each mission, you will earn valuable items. Hell’s Bells Conditions Play a battle Be among the top 10 players on your team by base experience earned Restrictions Once per day Available only for Tier IV–X vehicles Random battles, Grand battles and Ranked battles only Reward x1.5 to XP x1 Strike Fear Conditions Be among the top 10 players on your team by base experience in 3 battles Restrictions Once per day Available only for Tier IV–X vehicles Random battles, Grand battles and Ranked battles only Reward x1 +100% XP, 1 hour x1 Touch of Evil Conditions Get 10,000 battle experience in any amount of battles Restrictions Once per day Available only for Tier IV–X vehicles Random battles, Grand battles and Ranked battles only Reward x3 x3 x3 x3 Road to 2D Conditions Collect x25 Restrictions Once per account Reward 2D style Click to view slideshow. You can also instantly unlock the second set of more challenging missions. Fulfilling these objectives will earn you one of five exclusive horror-themed 3D-styles for five great tanks: The M103 The AMX 13 90 The Centurion Mk. 7/1 The T-54 The T49 First Round Conditions: Cause at least 20,000 HP of damage in any amount of battles Restrictions: Once per account Available only for Tier IV–X vehicles Random battles, Grand battles and Ranked Battles only Reward: 1 day of WoT Premium Account Second Round Conditions: Cause at least 45.000 HP of damage in any amount of battles Complete the First Round Restrictions: Once per account Available only for Tier IV–X vehicles Random battles, Grand battles and Ranked Battles only Reward: ten x5 to XP for any vehicles Final Round Conditions: Cause at least 65,000 HP of damage in any amount of battles Complete the Second Round Restrictions: Once per account Available only for Tier IV–X vehicles Random battles, Grand battles and Ranked Battles only Reward: 3D style Click on the corresponding button of the style you like in the widget below to activate the missions set for it. The page for entering the bonus code will open in your web browser, and you will need to press the REDEEM button. You can earn only one 3D-style of the entire set of five horror-themed looks. Think carefully about your choice, because changing it will be impossible! You can get one of five 3D-styles only once per account. Click to view slideshow. Now to our sweetest reward – three mind-blowing 3D-styles for three German tanks (the Panther II, the E 50, and the E 50 Ausf. M) created by Ito Masahiro, the art director of the first three Silent Hill games. They will be available on 8 November in the Premium Shop as a limited time offer. These creepy visual masterpieces will surely make your vehicle stand out in the crowd and strike fear into the hearts of enemies. Click to view slideshow. View the full article
  5. If everything goes well, common tests will commence in the coming week, among the features being tested – double barreled vehicles. Estimated launch date for the patch – early December. View the full article
  6. On November 4 at 12:00 (GMT) Sandbox server will come to an ended. So there are 3 days left to still participate in the sandbox. WG have added extra free experience and silver (free experience: 1.000.000, credits: 999.999.999). in order to test even more tanks until the closure. The results of the sandbox are likely to be released later. View the full article
  7. The story of the Raid How will you fare against other treasure hunters, and will you stand up to dangerous enemies, the destruction of which could grant you treasures beyond belief? Will you employ the dark magic of the other world, or stick to conventional technologies? The choice is yours! View the full article
  8. Although the world is celebrating halloween tomorrow, WG has “technical problems” and the event had to be delayed: Ladies and Gentlemen. Unfortunately, we have a departure from Halloween for technical reasons. I am very sorry about this on behalf of the team – we would really prefer the mode to work without problems and on time, but sometimes it is simply impossible. More information (we will provide) in the near future. “ Well, it wouldn’t be WG if something worked properly. View the full article
  9. Dear Commanders, The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 30.10.2019 for approximately 25 minutes: Both servers starting from 05:30 CET WoT EU1 starting from 06:00 CET WoT EU2 starting from 06:30 CET Roll out! Your Customer Service Team View the full article
  10. Commanders! Not everything will be spooky at the end of October, as our partnership with Twitch Prime continues through Care Package Juliett. Simply join Twitch Prime and receive this exclusive package granting you, from October 29 through November 26: 14-DAY PREMIUM TANK RENTALS VIII M41D * Temporary Garage Slot 100% Crew VII M56 Scorpion * Temporary Garage Slot 100% Crew * Take these vehicles for a spin! If you want to keep them permanently, take advantage of a 15% discount on the M41D and a 30% discount on the M56 Scorpion. SPECIAL LOOT An exclusive commander Patrick O’Treat with Sixth Sense (as a “zero-Skill” Perk), Jack of All Trades, and Repair. A special Trick or Treat medal 6 new exclusive Give me something good to hit emblems 5 Large First Aid Kits 5 Large Repair Kits 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers 10 missions offering x5 XP for a victory (only applicable after a daily first victory multiplier has been used) 1 day of World of Tanks Premium Account CARE PACKAGE JULIETT MISSIONS Juliett 1st Reward (29.10.2019 11:00 UTC through 26.11.2019 05:00 UTC) Rewards x2 Crew XP x1 Objective Place in the top 10 on your team by base XP earned Restrictions Three times per day Random Battles only Must be playing the Captured King Tiger Juliett 2nd Reward (29.10.2019 11:00 UTC through 26.11.2019 05:00 UTC) Rewards x1 x8 (universal blueprints) x4 (national USA blueprints) Objectives Collect x15 Play a battle Restrictions Once per account Random Battles only Juliett 3rd Reward (29.10.2019 11:00 UTC through 26.11.2019 05:00 UTC) Rewards x1 x8 (universal blueprints) x4 (national China blueprints) Objectives Collect x30 Play a battle Restrictions Once per account Random Battles only Juliett 4th Reward (29.10.2019 11:00 UTC through 26.11.2019 05:00 UTC) Rewards x8 (universal blueprints) x2 (national USA blueprints) x2 (national China blueprints) x1 Objectives Collect x45 Play a battle Restrictions Once per account Random Battles only Juliett Final Reward (29.10.2019 11:00 UTC through 26.11.2019 05:00 UTC) Rewards x5 Crew XP Objectives Win a battle Place in the top 5 on your team by base XP earned Restrictions 30 times per account Random Battles only Daily first victory multiplier must have been used Collect x3 View the full article
  11. Commanders! The new Season of Ranked Battles—one of the most challenging modes in World of Tanks—has just kicked off with a reworked progression system. Along with its launch, you have the long-awaited opportunity to make the best use of the Bonds you’ve earned in its battles. Starting today, you can purchase Premium and Reward vehicles for Bonds in the updated in-game shop, directly in your game client. Get ready to get great deals and expand your tank collection with glorious armored machines! Great Vehicles for Your Collection Tanks for Bonds will be permanently available in the in-game shop, in a separate tab. Over time, the assortment of tanks will change—we will add new vehicles and remove some old ones. The following tanks are currently available for Bonds: The 121B, a Chinese Tier X medium tank: 15,000 Bonds. The M60, an American Tier X medium tank: 15,000 Bonds. The FV215b, a British Tier X heavy tank: 12,000 Bonds. The AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté, a French Tier VIII heavy tank: 8,000 Bonds. The T26E5 Patriot, an American Tier VIII heavy tank: 8,000 Bonds. The Panzer 58 Mutz, a German Tier VIII medium tank: 8,000 Bonds. The STG Guard, a Soviet Tier VIII medium tank: 8,000 Bonds. The Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydrostat, a German Tier V medium tank: 3,000 Bonds. The Т-34 shielded, a Soviet Tier V medium tank: 1,500 Bonds. The М10 RBFM, a French Tier V tank destroyer: 1,500 Bonds. With each tank, you will also receive a free Garage slot and a 100% trained Crew. Among the offerings above, there are some powerful rarities, so don’t miss the opportunity to park exclusive steel predators in your Garage! By the way, you can seize this chance to purchase Tier X tanks to start your Ranked Battles journey with, or strengthen your position on the leaderboard. Happy shopping, Commanders! View the full article
  12. Final offer table and prices in bonds: M60 – 15.000 121B – 15.000 FV215b – 12.000 STG Guard – 8.000 T26E5 Patriot – 8.000 AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté – 8.000 Panzer 58 Mutz – 8.000 Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat. – 3.000 T-34E – 1.500 M10 RBFM – 1.500 View the full article
  13. With the new micropatch, bond shop has been finally implemented. It is fully operational however, nothing is being offered for now, “proposals will appear shortly.”. If the trial tests went succesfully, we shouldn’t see top tier offers exceed 15 – 20k bond marks. View the full article
  14. Tier VIII British Tank Destroyer Turtle Mk. 1 Full stats Firepower: Main armament: OQF 55-pdr AT Gun (Gun Caliber 108mm); Shells – APCBC/APDS/HE; Alpha damage 330/330/430; Penetration values – 224/253/54; Damage per minute – 2911; Rate of fire – 8,83 (6,8 s. reload); Shell velocity – 792 m/s (AP); Gun accuracy – 0.36; Aim time – 1.9 s. Aim circle spread – after shot – 2,88; on turret traverse – 0,1; on tank movement – 0,24; on tank traverse – 0,24; Gun depression – 10 degrees; Spotting: View range – 370; Camouflage values – Stationary 11,7 %; On movement 8,8 %; Mobility: Engine power – 800; Vehicle traverse speed – 23; Specific power ratio – 13.3 hp/t; Maximum speed – forwards 20 km/h; backwards 10 km/h; Terrain resistances – on hard terrain – 1,25; on medium Terrain –1,44; on soft terrain – 2,49; Armor: Hull front / side/ rear – 254/101/76 mm; View the full article
  15. Subtitles in our supported languages are also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner. Tier X vehicles, get ready to display your mastery! The 2019 Season of Ranked Battles brings some new surprises! This Season, the core gameplay of Ranked Battles has received a considerable revamp. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve reworked the ranking mechanics and the progression system, making them more achievable and enjoyable. But one thing remains unchanged — you can still earn tons of rewards and additional prizes, including the incredible Kampfpanzer 50 t — a unique Tier IX vehicle! Rise to the challenge, rework your loadouts, and begin your battle journey through one of the most exciting modes in World of Tanks! Starts: Ends: Season Run: Oct. 28 at 11:00 PT | 13:00 CT | 14:00 ET Nov. 11 at 05:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET Weekdays & Weekends: 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET 22:00 PT | 00:00 CT | 01:00 ET Ranked Battles Guide Progression System: Seasons, Divisions, Ranks, and Leagues Two Seasons of Ranked Battles: One in 2019 and one in early 2020, with heaps of rewards and other bonuses. Depending on your results across both Seasons, you can earn the ultimate reward — the Kampfpanzer 50 t, an exclusive Tier IX German medium tank. In order to maximize your battlefield experience, we revised the entire ranking mechanic: players start with a 20-battle Qualification round, and then make their way through the ranks in three (3) Divisions. Both victories and defeats are counted in your personal standings. Each Division consists of 10 Ranks. Progression is linear from Division III to Division I, and you cannot be relegated from your Division to a lower one. For each battle in this mode, you earn or lose a number of Chevrons based on your performance. These Chevrons count toward your next Rank within your Division. The higher your Division, the more Chevrons you need to improve your Rank. At the end of each Season, you receive Rank Tokens based on the Division you have reached. The Tokens you’ve earned are carried over to the next Season of Ranked Battles. Once both Seasons have ended, are rewarded based on the total number of Rank Tokens you have earned. Once you have cleared all Ranks in Division I, you will find yourself in one of three Leagues based on your performance: The Golden League: Players in the top 20% — only the best tankers can reach it! The Sliver League: Players in the next 30%. The Bronze League: The remaining 50% of players. All players make it to the Leagues may be matched with each other, regardless of their current League. For example, a player in the Bronze League has an equal chance of getting matched against a player from the Golden League. Permanent Ranks and Rank Shields We added Permanent Ranks to each Division. Once you reach these Ranks, you’re no longer relegated to lower Ranks if you lose your Chevrons. Permanent Ranks: In Division III: The Fourth and Seventh Ranks In Division II: The Fifth Rank In Division I: The Sixth Rank The Eighth Rank in Division II is considered a Rank Shield — at this Rank you won’t lose Chevrons for poor performance. All these changes in progression will simplify your combat journey and help you reach the top of the ladder faster. Speed Up Your Progress! Want to progress through the Ranks even faster? No problem! To speed up your progression, we’re introducing a new mechanic — Bonus Battles. This is an equivalent of the First Victory daily multiplier, which automatically doubles the number of Chevrons earned (two instead of one, four instead of two). If you don’t receive a chevron after the battle, then the Bonus Battles mechanic doesn’t apply. As you move from one Division to another, a certain number of Bonus Battles will be awarded. This number depends on your performance and effectiveness in battle. Qualification Effectiveness* for Qualification, Division III and Division II Chevrons gained in Qualification** Effectiveness for Division I 1. Less than 10%: 1 Bonus Battles 3–5 Chevrons: 1 Bonus Battle Less than 10%: 3 Bonus Battles 2. 10–20%: 2 Bonus Battles 6–10 Chevrons: 2 Bonus Battles 10–20%: 5 Bonus Battles 3. 20–40%: 3 Bonus Battles 11–20 Chevrons: 3 Bonus Battles 20–40%: 8 Bonus Battles 4. 40–70%: 4 Bonus Battles 21–30 Chevrons: 4 Bonus Battles 40–70%: 10 Bonus Battles 5. 70–110%: 5 Bonus Battles 31–40 Chevrons: 5 Bonus Battles 70–110%: 13 Bonus Battles 6. 110–160%: 6 Bonus Battles 110–160%: 15 Bonus Battles 7. 160–220%: 7 Bonus Battles 160–220%: 18 Bonus Battles 8. 220% and more: 8 Bonus Battles 220% and more: 20 Bonus Battles * This is the main parameter demonstrating how effective you are in Ranked Battles. The fewer fights you lose and the more chevrons you get for each battle, the higher the value of your effectiveness. ** These Bonus Battles will be added at the start of every Division. Role Experience System Much of your feedback on Ranked Battles concerned the distribution of experience in battles, and we’ve taken measures to improve it. In the new Season, we’re retiring the mechanic where you earn experience through your battle activities. This mechanic will be replaced by a new system of role experience that rewards players for properly fulfilling the role of their vehicle, depending on its class. Let’s see how this system will work using heavy and medium tanks as examples. Close-range brawlers (such as the Maus, IS-4, or PzKpfw VII) can grab their experience bonus by blocking damage and trading off HP, as well as dealing damage from a distance less than 300 meters. Medium fire cover tanks (such as the Leopard 1, Bat.-Chatillon 25 t, or Progetto M40 mod. 65) will earn bonus experience by causing damage to vehicles within your view range, and by first spotting of enemies. Learn more about other changes to the role experience system in the table below. Defender Primarily, the role of heavy tanks is to force fronts and hold superior enemies at bay. These slow, and in most cases well-protected, vehicles can block significant amounts of damage using their thick armor rationally. Role actions: Blocking damage and trading off HP Dealing damage from a distance less than 300 meters Typical representatives: VEHICLE Nation: Vehicles: U.S.S.R. IS-4, Object 705A Germany Maus, E 100, Pz Kpfw VII, VK 72.01 (K) France AMX M4 mle. 54 Japan Type 5 Heavy Poland 60TP Lewandowskiego Breakthrough Tank A role for universal heavy tanks. Though such machines usually have thick frontal armor and are able to push the attack on a flank, they are also fairly mobile so can quickly change their direction to come to the aid of the team. Role actions: Blocking damage and trading off HP Dealing damage from a distance less than 300 meters Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: U.S.A. T110E5 U.S.S.R. IS-7, Object 277, Object 279 early, Object 260 U.K. Super Conqueror, FV215b, T95/FV4201 Chieftain China 113, WZ-111 model 5A Fire Cover A role for medium tanks with mediocre armor but reliable guns and high mobility. These vehicles play confidently as support vehicles on the second line of attack. They engage in close combat with isolated targets, when it is possible to outflank them, and often get the first shot right thanks to their mobility and relatively good concealment. Role actions: Dealing damage to vehicles within the view range (upon own spotting) First spotting of enemies Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: U.S.S.R. К-91 Germany Leopard 1 France AMX 30 B, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t Czechoslovakia TVP T 50/51 Italy Progetto M40 mod. 65 Light Attack Vehicle A role for multifunctional medium tanks with rational front and turret armor, and for slow, well-armored medium tanks. These vehicles can effectively cover the Defenders on the first and second lines. Role actions: Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting) Blocking damage Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: U.S.A. M48A5 Patton, M60, T95E6 U.S.S.R. Object 907, Т-22 medium, Т-62А, Object 140, Object 430U Germany E 50 Ausf. M U.K. Centurion Action X Japan STB-1 China 121, 121B Sweden UDES 15/16 Heavy Destroyer A role for tank destroyers or magazine-loading heavy tanks. Despite low comfort in shooting, these vehicles boast great firepower and can be extremely supportive to Defenders when holding enemies and forcing fronts. Role actions: Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting) Blocking damage and trading off HP Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: U.S.A. T57 Heavy Tank, T110E4, T110E3 U.S.S.R. Object 268, Object 268 Version 4 Germany Jagdpanzer E 100 France AMX 50 B, AMX 50 Foch (155), AMX 50 Foch B U.K. FV217 Badger China WZ-113G FT Sweden Kranvagn High-Caliber Support A role for tank destroyers with powerful guns equipped with HESH shells. Their guns are pretty slow and not accurate enough to deal consistent damage at long range, and its mediocre armor forces these tank destroyers to take position behind their more thickly armored allies. Role action: Dealing damage from close and medium distances The amount of experience earned for this role depends on the distance between you and the enemy. The lower the distance, the more experience you earn for the damage dealt. You will not earn Role Experience for damaging enemies at a distance of 445 meters or greater. Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: U.K. FV215b (183), FV4005 Stage II Sniper A role for ambushing lightly armored tank destroyers that have great concealment and accurate guns to hit targets at long range. Role action: Dealing damage from medium and long distances The amount of experience earned for this role depends on the distance between you and the enemy. The greater the distance, the more experience you earn for the damage dealt. You will not earn Role Experience for damaging enemies at a distance of 100 meters or less. Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: Germany Grille 15 Sweden Strv 103B Tracked Scout A role for classic light tanks—vehicles with great concealment and view range, the primary task of which is to spot enemies and hunt down isolated targets. Tracked scouts can effectively assist their allies while remaining completely unseen. Role actions: First spotting of enemies Assisting allied damage upon spotting enemy vehicles while remaining unspotted yourself Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting) Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: U.S.A. XM551 Sheridan U.S.S.R. Т-100 LT Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen France AMX 13 105 China WZ-132-1 Wheeled Scout A role for wheeled light tanks. These vehicles are incredibly mobile but cannot boast a great spotting range. Their concealment, and wheels that cannot be destroyed like classic tracks, enable these scouts to move dynamically across the whole battlefield, helping their allies. Role actions: First spotting of enemies Assistance in destroying enemy vehicles upon spotting or destroying tracks Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting) Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: France Panhard EBR 105 Artillery A role for SPGs that can deal massive damage and stun enemies with their HE shells in artillery mode. Role actions: Assisting allied damage by stunning enemy vehicles Dealing damage to enemy SPGs Stunning two or more enemy vehicles simultaneously Typical representatives: Vehicle Nation: Vehicles: U.S.A. T92 HMC U.S.S.R. Object 261 Germany G.W. E 100 France Bat.-Châtillon 155 58 U.K. Conqueror Gun Carriage Rank Tokens and Rewards You will earn Rank Tokens for passing each Division and getting matched into Leagues. The number of points for both Seasons required to receive the final rewards are as follows. Position: Points: Gold League 6 Silver League 5 Bronze League Division I 4 Division II 3 Division III 1 All Tokens you earn are saved for the next Season! Now to our sweetest topic — rewards for excellent performance in combat! You have the opportunity to earn: • Credits • Gold • Days of WoT Premium Account • Bonds • Unique Badges • Other valuable in-game items Depending on your results through both Seasons, you can earn the ultimate reward: the Kampfpanzer 50 t — an exclusive Tier IX German medium tank. You can only get it by playing in Ranked Battles. It’s a maneuverable status vehicle with well-sloped armor, great dynamics and a good combination of alpha damage and DPM. One of its most striking features is its extravagant design, which is unusual for German tanks. We’re also adding a special reward for Sprinters — players who progressed through all the Divisions and ended up among the first in one of the three Leagues. The first 30 Sprinters get the Golden League prize, regardless of their League. Sprinters are indicated by a special icon in the ranking of players by League. Violation of the Game Rules and Penalties The rules for Random Battles also apply to Ranked Battles. All penalties are imposed according to the Game Rules and End User License Agreement. If a player violates the Game Rules or the End User License Agreement, they will be excluded from the leaderboard during the Season, after the Season is over, or before receiving the Season rewards. Prove your worth over a series of Seasons, climb your way up to an exclusive Tier IX tank, and earn tons of valuable gifts along the way! This year, Ranked Battles promises to be more enjoyable than ever, so get ready to start your new tanking journey! View the full article
  16. A big update was rolled into the Sandbox, you can already download it. Sandbox is exclusively available through Wargaming Game Client. We look forward to tonight (if everything goes well!) with a rebalance (nerf) of high-explosive shells. View the full article
  17. Update 0.8.9 kicks off a cycle of updates dedicated to Italy! Italian Tier V–VIII cruisers in Early Access; the return of some familiar Halloween Operations; a new temporary game mode—Raid for the Filth—with three teams in each battle; a new Season of Clan Battles; and much more! View the full article
  18. Very soon, ray tracing technology will appear in World of Tanks. It will help render realistic vehicle shadows. You can already see them in the new version of World of Tanks Encore RT https://wotencore.net/. How does this technology work? And will players need a special graphics card with ray tracing support? Let’s find out! View the full article
  19. World of Tanks will soon support real-time ray-traced shadows. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, the smallest details on players’ tanks will give more soft, natural and realistic shadows—check it out! We’re Still Moving Forward! After the release of Update 1.0 in March 2018 and the large visual upgrade of World of Tanks, our consistent work on the new Core engine never stopped. We’ve implemented concurrent rendering support, while discontinuing support for Windows XP and DirectX 9. Thanks to these steps, we were able to move forward and introduce new technologies to the Core engine. One of these technologies is Ray Tracing, a rendering method which has long been the “Holy Grail” of computer graphics. Just take a look at these amazing ray-traced pictures! What Is the Challenge? One of the biggest challenges in game development is the correct implementation of shadows. It’s a truly challenging task to create realistic shadows using modern graphics cards. Dynamic tank shadows in our game are currently made using the common Cascaded Shadow Mapping technology, which is based on the use of regular textures. Their resolution is limited, which leads to the following issues: Shadows are not detailed, and when approaching a shadow, you can see its jagged and uneven edges (known as “aliased” shadows). So-called “Peter Panning”. This term derives its name from a children’s book character whose shadow became detached and who could fly. This effect makes objects with missing shadows appear to be detached from and to float above the surface. At a distance of more than a hundred meters, tank shadows disappear. The level of detail of our tanks at some point overtook the level of detail of their shadows, and we wanted to fix that disparity. Theoretically, it would be possible to increase the resolution of shadows, but this would lead to a greater load on the graphics card and a drop in FPS. Instead, we turned our attention to the latest technology of creating shadows using Ray Tracing, allowing for dramatically more lifelike shadows. Invaluable Assistance From Intel While we were looking for a solution to the problem of creating soft and realistic shadows on tanks, our long-standing partner, Intel, offered to share their expertise and to assist us. Intel Advanced Rendering engineers helped with high performance kernels and optimizations. Thanks to concurrent rendering support and the ability to parallelize the rendering we’ve implemented in Update 1.4, the Intel Embree technology was perfect for our game. As a result, we can now recreate tank shadows in higher quality; their smallest details giving super-realistic soft shadows when sunlight hits them. Visually, we are now one step closer to physically accurate shadows that exist in the real world. Real-time ray-traced shadows further immerse you in an atmosphere of furious tank combat and provide an even more enjoyable gameplay experience, so check it out! Do I need a special graphics card with Ray Tracing support to see new shadows? No, you don’t. Our implementation of Ray Tracing technology will work with all graphics cards that support DirectX 11 API and higher. You can enable/disable this function manually in the game settings. To check how this technology works on your PC, you can try it now in World of Tanks Encore RT. Download this stand-alone application, turn on Ray Tracing and enjoy the upgraded visuals! How will Ray Tracing affect my PC’s FPS? When this option is disabled, the FPS of your computer will not change. But when Ray Tracing is on, you will sacrifice some FPS depending on your graphics card. Will Ray Traced shadows be used for all objects in the game? As the first step we chose to include Ray Tracing shadows for the “main actors” of our game – tanks, the intact vehicles (not destroyed)”; their smallest details will give super-realistic shadows when the sun hits them. What are the ray-traced shadows’ quality settings? There are four settings options: Turned off. Tanks cast normal shadows, as in the current version of the game. High. Vehicles have high-quality hard shadows which remain clear at any distance. However, these shadows are not physically correct. Maximum. It is at this stage that the physically correct “soft shadows” appear. They become more blurred as they move away from an object that casts a shadow. Ultra. The quality and appearance of shadows remain the same as at the Maximum setting, but are created using the denoiser algorithm. What’s Next? Recreating incredibly soft and natural shadows is just the beginning of the Ray Tracing Era in gaming graphics. Thanks to this technology, we’ll be able to recreate realistic reflections, ambient occlusion, and global illumination in real time. But this is something for the more distant future. Real-time ray-traced shadows will already become a reality in World of Tanks in one of the upcoming updates. Stay tuned and good luck on the battlefield, Commanders! View the full article
  20. No replacement for IS-4 – we are waiting for a new highlight of the Russian nation! The WoT supertest just came out with the whole branch of russian double barreled vehicles. There is no idea where it will go from now, only guesses. Now only official screenshots are available, even more in detail a little later. This is the 1st iteration of testing. We think everyone remembers what they wanted to do with the ST-I and IS-4, but the game balancing department chose this option. As predicted, Wargaming are rushing the tank line out. The double-barreled premium was already released in patch 1.6.1. Therefore, we are waiting for this branch in the near future, if, of course, everything goes well. Tier 10: ST-II, 56th Tier 10 in the game. Two-guns for the Soviet Union are included. • Gun reload time (1/2): 11.7 / 11.7 seconds. • Preparation time of a volley shot: 2.5 sec. • Recharge lock time: 5 sec. • Changing guns: 3 sec. Tier 9: IS-3-II • Gun reload time (1/2): 10.7 / 10.7 seconds. • Preparation time of a volley shot: 3 sec. • Recharge lock time: 7 sec. • Tool change time: 3.5 sec. Tier 8: ?? There is no information. Tier 8 premium: Object 703 Option II – is right now tested by super testers and developers in a random battles. View the full article
  21. More News About Pearl River on the Supertest The general idea behind the redesign is to reduce the map’s linearity for more gameplay variety. Based on this key concept, two versions are currently in the works. Option 1: The central hill with houses has been reworked to be one of the main spots. Now you can take control over it and oversee a considerable part of the map. The houses under the hill have either been removed or moved onto the hill to prevent heavy player separation in this direction. The entire south-west has been opened up to allow quick attacks and flank manoeuvres as well as concealment. The mountains near the bases are now defensive spots. Click to view slideshow. Option 2: There are no more bushes on this map, now only trees can be used for concealment. We added a passage to connect the flank for heavy tanks with the centre, as well as more safe passages along the edges of the map connecting to each base. Now you can partially traverse the mountains near the bases and use these spots for defence. All buildings in the village centre can be destroyed. The terrain was flattened, allowing you to retreat more safely. A previously impassable mountain is now accessible. Click to view slideshow. View the full article
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