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Found 7 results

  1. TWO IN ONE The new T78 takes two popular American vehicles in World of Tanks and combines them into one mean machine. Will it become the new favourite Tier VI tank destroyer? What’s this tank about? Reliability Its 90 mm gun is a real threat, combining good damage with nice accuracy and high stabilisation Speed The T78 gets anywhere quickly, thanks to its great acceleration and top speed Stealth As expected from a tank destroyer, the camouflage value allows you to sneak to favourable positions Its turret That’s something not many tank destroyers can brag about, and having a turret is a huge advantage STARS AND STRIPES To celebrate the American Independence Day, the ‘Federalist’ camouflage is also available for the T78, giving it a truly American look. Offers Supreme – 49.99 € Ultimate – 29.99 € Federalist – 19.99 € Bundle adds the exclusive “Federalist” 3D Style. Standard – 13.57 € Bundle contents: T78 (without the Federalist style) 100% crew; Garage Slot. View the full article
  2. The U.S. had only two Tier VI tank destroyers: The M36 Jackson and M18 Hellcat. That changes today, as the brand-new T78 joins the nation as the first TD Premium at that Tier! So where does it fit among all Tier VI tank destroyers in the game? For starters, at the moment, it has the highest rating for Specific Power, the second highest View Range, and the third highest for Standard Shell Damage and Premium Shell Penetration. The T78 is a hybrid of sorts, as it combines the M24 Chaffee‘s light tank chassis with with the M36 Jackson’s 90 mm tank destroyer cannon. It features a fully rotatable turret, powerful gun, and light armor, so be prepared with shoot-and-scoot tactics. Also, the War Chest, Ultimate, and Loaded bundles include a removable T78-exclusive “Federalist” special 3D style — perfect for the 4th of July! A Closer Look at the T78 with “Federalist” Style and No Style: T78 Offers: T78 War Chest: $73.99 T78 Ultimate: $51.99 T78 Loaded: $39.99 T78: $21.99 Bundle Contents: VI T78 100%Crew 1,000 Gold 1×Garage Slot View the full article
  3. Click to view slideshow. Style was came with the new micropatch, only for tier 6 American T78 Tank Destroyer. Price is 2000 gold. As far as we know, the tank isn’t released yet. View the full article
  4. T78 (US, Tier-6, premium) in final form. This was initially intended to replace the T25/2 but WG diverted it to a premium ( I wonder why ?). Pictures and stat screen. View the full article
  5. A new Tier VI American TD is coming to the ST server: the T78. It’s a relatively mobile vehicle with a turret capable of rotating full 360 degrees. Another strength is the easy-to-handle and very efficient gun with excellent gun depression. The cost? The T78’s protection is almost non-existent, try not to rely on it! You’re probably thinking, “ mobile American TD with a great gun but no armor. This sure reminds me of something!” And you would be spot on. The T78 is definitely like the Hellcat in terms of gameplay, still, there are some differences. Less mobility means you won’t be able to follow your allies easily around the map or looking for someone to prey on. On the other hand, the gun on the T78 reloads faster and has better stabilization on the move than that of the Hellcat. Taking all this into consideration, the best way to play the T78 is changing your position often and firing at your enemies using the ridgelines and map terrain. As always, the stats of the vehicle may change depending on the results of the test. Make sure to follow the news and may luck shine upon you in every battle! View the full article
  6. An interesting premium addition, the T78 was apparently once proposed as a replacement for the T25/2 in the tech tree. Now we see it as a Tier 6 Premium tank destroyer. So lets look at the stats: View the full article
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