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  1. Earlier today we saw the introduction of two new tanks to the supertest – the british A43 BP prototype and the tier 8 T54E2 American heavy tank, furthermore, earlier this week we saw the addition of a double barreled ST-II to the supertest, and we have more information on the new mechanic. A43 BP prototype Detailed stats: Tier 6 British premium heavy tank Firepower: Main armament: OQF 17 pdr gun Mk. VII; Shells – 17-Pr. Mk. 9T AP / 17-Pr. Mk. 1T APCR / 17-Pr. Mk. 2T HE Alpha damage -150/150/190; Penetration values – 171/239/38; Damage per minute – 1770,9; Rate of fire – 11.8 (5.1 s. reload); Shell velocity – 1080 m/s (AP); Gun accuracy – 0.355; Aim time – 2.4 s. Aim circle spread – after shot – 3,836; on turret traverse – 0,221; on tank movement – 0,173; on tank traverse – 0,173; Gun depression – 8 degrees; Spotting: View range – 360; Camouflage values – Stationary 12.4 %; On movement 6.2 %; During shooting while stationary 2.9 %; On movement while shooting – 1.45 %; Mobility: Engine power – 600; Vehicle traverse speed – 20; Specific power ratio – 12 hp/t; Maximum speed – forwards 20 km/h; backwards 12 km/h; Terrain resistances – on hard terrain – 1.247; on medium Terrain – 1.534; on soft terrain – 2.397; Armor: Hull front / side – 152.4mm / 95.3mm/50mm; Turret front / side – 152.4 mm / 95.2 mm/101mm; T54E2 Detailed stats: Tier 8 American premium heavy tank Firepower: Main armament: 105mm gun T140E3; Shells – T32M2E AP / T29E3M2E APCR / M11A2E HE Alpha damage -390/390/480; Penetration values – 226/255/53; Damage per minute – 1768.3; Rate of fire – 4.53 (13.23 s. reload); Shell velocity – 1080 m/s (AP); Gun accuracy – 0.384; Aim time – 2.88 s. Aim circle spread – after shot – 3,836; on turret traverse – 0,096; on tank movement – 0,144; on tank traverse – 0,144; Gun depression – 10 degrees; Spotting: View range – 400; Camouflage values – Stationary 9.4%; On movement 4.7%; During shooting while stationary 1.56%; On movement while shooting – 0.93%; Mobility: Engine power – 800; Vehicle traverse speed – 46; Specific power ratio – 16.15 hp/t; Maximum speed – forwards 45 km/h; backwards 17 km/h; Terrain resistances – on hard terrain – 1.342; on medium Terrain – 1.63; on soft terrain – 3.26; Armor: Hull front / side – 152.4mm / 76.2mm/40mm; Turret front / side – 250 mm / 140 mm/140mm; Supertest – double gun barrel mechanic Wargaming statement – At the moment, the stage of closed testing is undergoing something truly unusual. Let’s not beat around the bush: yes, we are testing the mechanics of the double weapon. Immediately make a reservation – it is not known whether it will be in the game. And first of all, we note that this is a test of mechanics, and not of specific tanks. The mechanics themselves are being tested on the example of the ST-II tank, but its equipment, and even the tank itself is used only as a test site. Our task now is to test the concept of two-gun machines. The complexity of the development of such a technique lies in the fact that we need to properly balance these machines with those already in the game. Now we are choosing one of the options for implementing the mechanics of the double gun, and only then we will be able to proceed to customizing the tanks themselves, taking into account the new features. After all, we want not only to give double barreled vehicles higher one-time damage, but also to balance this with the possibility of simultaneous firing from both guns! It is obvious that it is necessary to somehow pay for this opportunity, because we are testing various prototypes of the implementation of this mechanics. At this point, we only had the first testing of two options. But as ideas we have other prototypes. We want to emphasize that now we are just starting to prototype the concept and test implementation options, so it’s too early to talk about putting this mechanics into the game. Machines must pass a full cycle of testing. And we want these machines: • were interesting for the game; • Be balanced against others. If in the course of testing we are unable to select such characteristics of the machines under which both conditions are fulfilled, then such tanks will not appear in the game (in any case, until a solution is found). This is a normal process in the development: we are constantly testing certain game mechanics that may sound interesting in theory, but in practice they turn out to be unviable. In any case, we will continue to search and test new mechanics, because we, like you, want to see something new and interesting in the game. View the full article
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