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Found 9 results

  1. Hawg’s Nation Flag BG Battle Results This mod will change the stock Battle Results Tank Icon ,into a Tank Nation Flag Background. Each Nation tank will show it own nation flag in the background in the Battle results. Source Link Download Link View the full article
  2. Hawg’s WG Old Style Battle Results This mod changes the stock battle Results into Wargaming Old style Battle Results Before update, A different Tank picture for each type of results. Easy to install. Source Link Download Link View the full article
  3. Hawg’s 84 Battle Exit’s This mod will change the stock Battle Exit to personalize Battle Exit , You have 84 different exit’s to pick from. 1 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 Ace of Spades 3 Armor Mask 4 Army Star 5 Axe 6 Barbarian 7 BeachParty 1 8 BeachParty 2 9 Bear 10 Black 11 Black Sail 12 British Campaign 13 Door 14 Dragon 15 E25 16 Eagle 17 Elephant 18 Fallen Soldier 19 Buck 20 Bulls Eye 21 Cross 22 Damage 23 Deadpool 24 Dice 25 Fire Frame 26 Fire Gates 27 Fire Girl Animae 28 Gas Mask 29 Ghost 30 God Of War 31 Grenade 32 Grim Reaper Angel 33 Grim 34 Ground War 35 Haunted House 36 Hell_Cat 37 History of War 38 Hornet 39 Howl 40 Isuzu – Mine 41 Joker 42 Kashiwazaki 43 Leviathan 44 Lick 45 Logo War 46 Lost 47 Lucky 48 Marine Silhouette 49 Maze 50 MeatheadMilitia 51 Misty Forest 52 Paw Print 53 Peace 54 Pen Up Girl 1 55 Pen Up Girl 2 56 Pink Ribon 57 Pistols 58 Red Star 59 Red Steel 60 Roman Helmet 61 Russian Battalion 62 Silver Star 63 Skull 64 Soldier 65 Spider 66 Stars 67 Storm 68 Stream 69 Tank Fire 70 Tanks 71 The March 72 Tie Die Tank 73 Tiger P 74 T-Rex 75 Tunnel 76 USSR 77 Viking Helmet 78 Viking Ship 79 Homer 80 War Pigs 81 Wolf 82 WOT Girls 83 WOT 84 X Source Link Download Link View the full article
  4. Hawg’s Dart Damage Indicator V2 This mod changes the stock Damage Indicator to a Neat , Clean and less Obstructive Damage Indicator. The indicator will help you see more of the battlefield. Normal version ,all damage colors are based on the stock Wot Damage Indicators colors. This Arrow version is based from Hawgs Needle Damage Indicator. Also Included Color Blind Version. Source Link Download Link View the full article
  5. Hawg’s 20 Exit Game Backgrounds V1 This mod will change the stock background on exiting the game to a customize Exit Background. Black Cross Dragon Elephant Ghost Grim HellCat Isuzu – Mine Kashiwazaki Marine Silhouette Peace Pen Up Girl Skull Soldier Storm Tank Fire Tanks The March War Pigs WOT Source Link Download Link View the full article
  6. Hawg’s 12 UnderWater Timer’s Hawg’s UnderWater Timer mod, This mod changes the stock timer that shows when your tank is under water. It will display a different icon that’s under water ,which is more noticeable than the stock icon. 12 different icons to pick from . AquaMan Bikini Girl Kashiwazaki Mermaid Mine Akame ga Kill Piranha Shark StingRay Sub Tank Tank 2 Yellow Submarine Source Link Download Link View the full article
  7. Hawg’s 69 Notifications This mod changes the stock Notification back ground to a customize Notification BackGround . Win ,Lost , Draw will have a different picture for each. Some of the most popular tank emblems are used in this mod. 69 Notifications to pick from 38 Regular Icons Ace of Spades Army Duck ArmyRank Axe Of War BarbWire 1 BarbWire 2 Buck Rebel Cap Flags ClanWar Dice Fist Grim Hell on Wheels Hot Girl 1 Hot Girl 2 Hot Girl 3 Hot Girl 4 Lucky Major Star Mask 1 Mask 2 MeatheadMilitia PenUp Girl 1 Rebel Roll Dice Shield Skull 1 Skull 2 SmokeyBox Star Stripes Sword Sword-N-Heart Tanks WarGaming WG Stamp Wolf World Cup 31 Nations Flags Australia Austria Brazil Bulgaria Canada China Croatia Czech French Germany Hungary Israel Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romanian Russia Serbia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden UK Ukraine USA USSR Source Link Download Link View the full article
  8. Hawg’s Arty and Siege Filter This mod will remove the distracting clutter from the Arty and TD Siege Mode in battle so you can focus on the battle. Easy to install. Source Link Download Link View the full article
  9. Hawg’s Daily XP Bonus This mod changes the stock Daily XP Bonus icon ,to a custom fit color icon . You have 7 colors to pick from : Aqua Blue Green Lime Orange Purple Yellow Source Link Download Link View the full article
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