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  1. Auto Close WG Game Center By PolarFox – this will auto close WG Game Center after a game client is loaded. – no more lag and high CPU usage from WGC. – install: unpack, copy folder MODS to main game folder (https://prnt.sc/ptwfzz) Download Link View the full article
  2. If you still use the legacy game launcher instead of Wargaming’s brand new shining Wargaming Game Client, World of Tanks is impossible to launch. This action is permanent, with Wargaming intending to push their Game Client to their audience, as it is far easier to maintain. View the full article
  3. G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, expands its service portfolio by opening a game testing (QA) center. As part of developing the new business line, the company entered a strategic collaboration with Wargaming, an international game developer and publisher. The center’s engineers have already started testing the flagship project of the company’s partner, the popular World of Tanks. The newest G-Core Labs unit is located in Perm, Russia. Its opening gives rise to a new area of the company’s business—quality assurance. Due to the extensive expertise in the gaming industry and Wargaming support, the company is confident that the new project is bound to succeed. “G-Core Labs started as a solution provider for the gaming industry, so we know better than anyone, how important testing is for businesses, and we also understand all the requirements of our customers”, says Roman Zhikharev, Director of G-Core Labs QA center. “Today we’re trusted partners of Wargaming. The World of Tanks creators rely on us in such an essential thing as the testing of their key product, because it’s very important for such a large developer that production doesn’t stop for one minute. So far, we’re dealing with simple tasks, but we’ll expand our service portfolio soon enough. Even now, other Wargaming teams want to work with us.” G-Core Labs QA center has plans to expand the number of personnel to 50 engineers by the end of the year, and to make it 100 by mid-2020. Source: gamasutra View the full article
  4. Source: NA Portal We’re taking the next step to build a unified infrastructure for all projects in the Wargaming.net universe and announcing the transfer of all players from the launcher to the Wargaming.net Game Center. This process will affect all Wargaming games, providing you with a single easy and convenient access point to all our products and services. NOTE: Starting October 21, World of Tanks will only be available through the Wargaming.net Game Center. The Launcher will download and install Wargaming.net Game Center upon launch, then all installed games will be imported into the Game Center, including the World of Tanks client. This will become the only way to launch the World of Tanks client. The Wargaming.net Game Center allows you to flexibly customize the update process and provides one-click access for several accounts, including accounts from different regions. It is constantly being improved, and in the future it will host new features and capabilities. Why We Are Doing This Unfortunately, the Launcher no longer meets the latest industry and technology standards. However the retirement of this dual infrastructure will allow us to fully focus on making the update process flawless. We’re happy to consider your ideas regarding the Wargaming.net Game Center’s features, so don’t hesitate to share your feedback! Resources If you would like to switch to the Wargaming.net Game Center before the final transition process, please download it via the Download button; to find out more about Wargaming.net Game Center and its features, please visit the User Guide; and if you’ve encountered any technical issues with the Wargaming.net Game Center, please visit the Player Support page. DOWNLOAD WARGAMING.NET GAME CENTER USER GUIDE PLAYER SUPPORT View the full article
  5. A micro-update designed to eliminate the problem with freezing in most cases, is scheduled for 19:00 (MSC) time today. You will need to restart the game to download and install the update. We are continuing to work on a final solution to the problem. Dear players! Some of you may have faced a situation where, after the completion of the race, the game freezes and it is not possible to enter the Hangar. We know about this problem and are working on its solution. If the game freezes, then: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and start the task manager. Find the process “World of Tanks” in the list of processes, right-click on it and select “End task”. Launch the game again. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are very sorry that the release of such a long-awaited gaming event was overshadowed by technical errors. We are working on speedy troubleshooting. View the full article
  6. Partisans 1941 or just Partisans by Alter Games is the 2nd game non-developed or published by WG to join the Game Center. Second to Eugen System’s Steel Division 2. About the game Partisans is a real-time tactical strategy with non-linear type of storytelling. This game is about soviet partisans and their activity during World war II. It’s focused on harsh reality in those times, when many people became reluctant heroes, and every feat required its price, and sometimes this price was extremely high. The game shows the war from a new, poorly explored angle. However, it is not a historical simulator, Partisans offers a unique interpretation of those times’ events. The game shows partisans’ everyday life, which is full of cold, hunger and wounds. Still there is a room for joy as well. Players would have to make tough choices, for example, they’ll have to decide whether to help civilians and betray their position or to walk past and stay unnoticed. The game give opportunities to prove oneself in a fight, to overcome the superior forces of the enemy using cunning and mother wit , and to leave the field when the situation is really bad. Check out Partisans here View the full article
  7. Developed by Eugen Systems, Steel Division II is the first non-WG published or developed game to be available for download through the Wargaming client. Set during Operation Bagration on the Eastern Front in the summer 1944, Steel Division 2 pushes the limits of the WW2 Tactical experience and brings new 1:1 scale Dynamic Strategic Campaigns. You’re now in charge of your entire army. Check out Steel Division 2 here not sponsored View the full article
  8. Take part in Steel Hunter, the new game event. Go to Dreamland where it’s every hunter for themselves. Look for Spoils of War, upgrade your vehicle and choose modules for it, but most importantly, survive at any cost. In the end there can be only one. Become the greatest hunter in World of Tanks. View the full article
  9. Wargaming St. Petersburg is looking for a Senior Game Designer to work on a PC title. What you will do: Contribute to core gameplay development Write scripts Create and tune game units, their abilities, and other items Work with level editors and create locations Participate in organizing and holding prototype playtests Gather and process feedback from playtesters Requirements: Experience developing PC and console games At least one released project Experience working on core gameplay Experience fine-tuning game balance Ability to create short, concise game design documents Profound knowledge of session multiplayer games and 5+ years’ gaming experience Great writing skills in Russian Solid MS Excel knowledge Desirable: Working knowledge of game engines (Unreal, Unity, CryEngine) Programming experience, working knowledge of scripting languages Experience working as a game designer on released session and F2P games Upper-Intermediate or higher level of English (written, technical) To apply, send your resume to hrspb@wargaming.net. Job listing View the full article
  10. Wargaming has announced that the tactical shooter is coming to Europe after a lengthy stay of “rigorous testing in the CIS.” It’ll make its playable debut at Gamescom later this month, and players will have other chances to try it out early ahead of its full, free-to-play release. View the full article
  11. The creator of the site and mobile application WoTBase noticed that in the last micropatch in one of the update files (localization file) someone added strange lines. In the localization file lootboxes there is a trace, reading: Twitter_Account_SPECIAL SanyaTranslate <TOREMOVE.Leaks!> Twitter_Account_SPECIAL SanyaTranslate Initially, the lootboxes file itself is responsible for the text for the New Year boxes o and in the last micropatch it stitched lines that contain a link to a Twitter account. https://twitter.com/SanyaTranslate Was this made by single developer or is it an intentional easter egg entirely from WG, is unknown. Also in the lines there is a mention of Leaks, which implies that he will drop something. And so, we go to Twitter itself, the first information has already appeared there. Sanya @SanyaTranslate, the page was registered in July 2019 and initially contained 1 post, which was released on July 25, on the day of the micropatch itself: “Where to begin?..” Then, yesterday, a new post was published. “Well, for starters, here. Although in reality this is not the beginning and not the end, but the very middle. ”And the picture for the post: According to the published picture, who discovered all this suggests that we are talking about about a new mode, which should appear in the already event packed month of August. So far this is all that is known. View the full article
  12. The Homefront event is kicking off in World of Tanks. A war is raging. Fight on two fronts against AI-controlled enemies, level up your divisions, and receive Improved Equipment and other rewards. Defend to the end! View the full article
  13. New premium tanks M4A1 FL 10 and Škoda T 27 are now in the game files. We should receive more information on these vehicles this thursday, Škoda is expected to be a marathon reward, but could remain another special WG sale tank. Via WoTClue View the full article
  14. Taking into account that the majority of players update modifications after the release of the next version of the game, we decided to combine the changes described below with the release of update 1.5.1. Thus, the transition to new modifications and assemblies of modifications that do not contain prohibited ones will be as painless as possible. The actual change in the list of prohibited modifications will take place on the day of update 1.5.1. Tankers! We always follow your feedback in order to keep abreast of the frequently discussed topic of the community – game modifications, usually called simply mods. They give the user an unfair advantage that can spoil the game to other combatants. For the last three years, we have carefully monitored the use of mods in World of Tanks and punished it during campaigns to block violators. Fair play will always be our priority, and today we are ready to take new measures to keep it that way. Updating the list of prohibited modifications Thanks to constant monitoring and your feedback, we have identified several new game modifications that give the user an advantage over other players. This is definitely not fair, so we decided to add to the list of prohibited game modifications: 1. Mods showing the direction of the guns on the mini-map. Modifications that display the direction of the guns in some way (for example, as a line or sector) on the minimap. 2. Mods pointing to the closest opponents. Modifications that indicate in some way the direction of the nearest opponents who are out of the player’s field of view. 3. Mods that indicate the location of the enemy further than draw distance. Modifications that indicate in any way (for example, labels, objects, or indicators) the location of the enemy on the playing field abroad. For now these game modifications are not prohibited – the new fair play policy will take effect with the release of update 1.5.1. However, taking advantage of the moment, we want to notify you in advance: if you use these mods, delete them. Soon there will be another campaign to block the accounts of violators on the basis of the current (not updated) fair game policy. Even if it happens after the release of update 1.5.1, you will not be blocked for using the above modifications. But in subsequent campaigns, an updated list of prohibited modifications will be taken into account. Those who, despite our warnings, will continue to use the above mods, will be punished. What mods are prohibited? New edition We also decided to clarify some criteria by which a game modification is considered forbidden, malicious and undesirable. Therefore, we have changed some formulations and made them more accurate. It is in our common interest that the violators do not have a single chance to spoil the game to honest tank crews. So, here is the updated list of criteria for prohibited modifications (changes in the wording in bold). Players found to use them will be penalized. Modifications denoting the position of the enemy in a manner different from the game implemented in the client. Mods that mark destroyed objects on the playing field or mini-map, change the way of displaying the tracers of artillery projectiles, or calculate and display the position of the enemy’s artillery according to its tracers, show illuminated cars, even if the player does not aim at them and does not direct the sight. Modifications that facilitate the evasion of enemy shots by determining the enemy’s aiming point or projecting the projected flight path of the projectile onto the playing field, for example, using a beam emanating from its model area. Modifications that report reloading enemy machines and display their reload timers. “Smart” sights, which offer more features than the standard target capture functionality implemented in the client. Including sights, which are automatically aimed at weakly armored or vulnerable places of the machines or at the enemy’s vehicles as a whole, and also fix the sight at the target behind the obstacle or count ahead of the player. Modifications that allow you to automatically use the standard (non-premium) equipment before the announcement of the result of the battle. Modifications that change the transparency of objects on the map. Modifications that display any tags or indicators on the playing field in the place where the opponent was seen by someone from the player’s team. Any modifications that change the parameters of the equipment or game objects, affect the gameplay and violate the rules of the game. What will be the repercussions? Let’s take the rules seriously and play fair! Remember: players found to use prohibited mods for the first time will receive a warning and account blocking for 7 days. Accounts of players caught using the prohibited game modifications again, will be blocked forever. Mods portal is still the only place to download game modifications, officially approved by Wargaming. Using them, you can not worry about the violation of the rules of the game. If you are in doubt whether a modification is forbidden, just visit the mods portal to familiarize yourself with all the proven, as well as new mods for World of Tanks. View the full article
  15. If you want to know how well you’re doing in battle, you need detailed statistics that allow you to closely track your combat performance, including your effectiveness with various vehicles. To make this easier, we’re adding a new feature with Update 1.5.1 called Session Statistics. This addition will help you get lots of useful data regarding your battle performance. Random Battles on Full Display Session Statistics will be available right in your Garage, appearing to the left of the Notification Center button. Your daily statistics will be recorded for all Random Battles, excluding Grand Battles, for each game session or each game day. The game session is the time interval from launching the game client until the player manually resets the statistics. The game day is the time period from the reset of the daily activities until the next reset. Thanks to Session Statistics, you will be able to see detailed combat performance data, including your effectiveness in a specific vehicle. For example, regarding the economic aspects of World of Tanks, you will be able to obtain: General stats on income (Bonds, Credits, XP and Free XP) per battle General stats on expenses (Bonds, Credits) In addition, you will be able to get the most detailed battle statistics for the current game session, including: Average blocked damage Average damage dealt/taken coefficient The average XP gained Your statistics will be automatically reset once a day. You can also reset them yourself in the game client at any time if you wish. The Hall of Fame and the WTR Rating Session Statistics also gives you direct access to the Hall of Fame, so you can view even more detailed statistics, down to a specific game day or period of time. In addition, Session Statistics allows you to instantly find out your current WTR rating. NOTE: In 2017 we introduced WTR, a new rating system which calculates an individual rating for each tank, and these vehicle-specific scores are then used to assess a player’s overall performance. This rating responds flexibly to changes of combat strategy as it evaluates your stats against average indicators across the server. So, after you select a tank, it ranks your performance indicators according to their relevance for the particular vehicle WTR is a much more informative and complex rating system compared to Win Rate or other ratings which neglect a vehicle’s nuances. WTR delivers the most relevant stats, while these other rating systems lack the criteria needed to determine if a player is skillful or just plays in different modes. Now you can find out your average WTR for the entire session or for a different time period. In addition to quick and easy access via Session Statistics, we’ve also added the following to the Hall of Fame: Your lifetime game statistics Daily fluctuations in overall statistics Delta: Measuring Your Performance Session Statistics will help you understand how your current game session has affected your lifetime stats, thanks to a metric called “Delta”. In mathematics, “Delta” is the difference between two values. In our case, the “Delta” being measured is the impact of the battles in your current session on your lifetime battle stats. Thanks to these Delta metrics, you can find out if you’ve played better or worse than usual by evaluating your performance with the following parameters: Difference between the average damage done during the current session and your lifetime average damage Difference between average experience for all battles based on current statistics and average experience for all battles excluding the current session Difference between WTR for all your battles during the current session and WTR for all battles, excluding the current session Detailed Statistics on Your Vehicles Session Statistics gives you access to detailed statistics on the vehicles you’ve played. You can check on: The total number of battles you’ve played in this vehicle throughout the session The difference between the vehicle’s average WTR for all battles during the current session and the vehicle’s average WTR for all battles, excluding the current session Finally, Session Statistics provides quick access to the following information via vehicle tooltip: Mark of Excellence progress (in %) The amount of XP earned by a player with this vehicle throughout the session The amount of Credits earned with this vehicle for all battles throughout the session The ratio of damage dealt/received throughout the session Knowledge is power, Commanders! Take advantage of the wide functionality of Session Statistics to be more effective on the battlefield! View the full article
  16. Popular European/Russian server player and one of best players overall Skill4ltu has released a new video, that sheds some insight to a relatively new problem in World of Tanks, short lagspikes that seemingly appear only when certain conditions are met. Without jumping into conclusions, Skill has provided enough evidence that the problem could be brought to more light and an official response would be given. The video is definitely worth the watch to form your own opinion on the matter. View the full article
  17. The last season was not good enough. Enjoy these skins instead until the next book arrives! Made by HillToe. Download link: https://wgmods.net/search/?owner=27296 Daenerys AMX 50B Arya Stark ELC AMX Sandor Clegane ST-1 DRAGON TOG II* Cersei Lannister Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 Tyrion Lannister T49 Night’s Watch IS-3 Gregor „The Mountain” Clegane Type 5 Heavy Night King Jagdpanzer 100 Grey Worm Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 Varys Lowe Jon Snow T-44-100 View the full article
  18. PS: Does anyone know how to make Tank Inspector work? King Tiger (C) A captured version of the KT. Premium likely. Type 59 Gold Today they added the Type 59 Gold into the client, it might be sold. Its ingame price is 15000 gold but it doesn’t have the x2 base exp coefficient like in China. Expect a bundle for it. FV1066 Senlac Tier 8 British premium light. View the full article
  19. Wargaming is proud to announce that the company is partnering with Ukrainian developers Frag Lab to build a next-generation free-to-play shooter using nearly a dozen Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, Amazon GameLift dedicated server hosting, and the Amazon Lumberyard AAA game engine. Frag Lab is a 125-strong studio, based in Kiev, established by a team that previously worked on the Crysis franchise, Battlefield 2 and most recently, Warface, a free-to-play online first-person shooter. “When Frag Lab approached us with their vision of what they wanted to develop, we felt that it perfectly matched our core values, and their passion was palpable,” states Shahzad Khan, Product Director, Wargaming. “We knew by combining their experience working on a successful shooter with our unrivaled free-to-play expertise, together we could bring this vision to life.” “Having Wargaming as a publishing partner was the obvious choice for us; they have a great wealth of experience in delivering successful titles to players worldwide,” states Maxim Dembik, Frag Lab CEO. “We started this ambitious project from scratch with nothing but our collective knowledge, and this gave us the opportunity to choose any technology we wanted. We’re always looking to embrace new tech and we’re glad we did: Amazon Lumberyard is the perfect fit for our vision.” Amazon Game Tech gives developers everything they need to create and connect amazing games by bringing together solutions from across Amazon. Wargaming and Frag Lab are using Amazon GameLift to operate and scale their multiplayer servers alongside nearly a dozen AWS products like Amazon Route 53, Simple Storage Service (S3), and Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), and is creating the game with the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. “Amazon is obsessed with helping game developers be successful at every stage of development, and we’re excited to work with Wargaming and Frag Lab as they build, scale, and operate this new project globally,” said Brian Taptich, Vice President, Amazon Game Tech. “Wargaming and Frag Lab are known for high-fidelity, low-latency multiplayer games that are insanely fun, and we can’t wait to see what they build using Amazon Game Tech.” A public announcement, which will feature more details on the entire product, is scheduled for later this year. Source: wargaming.com View the full article
  20. World of Tanks can be customized with mods. However, they can malfunction anytime, especially after an update. Also, outdated video card drivers and corrupted settings and cache can cause trouble. Mods Make sure all your mods are up to date. If no luck, delete all mods. Default Mods folder: World_of_Tanks\res_mods\current_version* INFO. *Leave the empty folder with the number of the newest game version. Settings and Cache On your desktop, press Windows key + R. Type: %appdata%\wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks. Press Enter. Delete the WorldOfTanks folder. How to Update Video Card Drivers Nvidia AMD/ATI Issues Persist! Uninstall World of Tanks. Reinstall World of Tanks. Still no luck? FOLLOW THIS LINK to contact Player Support. Please include a WGCheck report. View the full article
  21. Hawg’s 20 Exit Game Backgrounds V1 This mod will change the stock background on exiting the game to a customize Exit Background. Black Cross Dragon Elephant Ghost Grim HellCat Isuzu – Mine Kashiwazaki Marine Silhouette Peace Pen Up Girl Skull Soldier Storm Tank Fire Tanks The March War Pigs WOT Source Link Download Link View the full article
  22. Expect endless action coated in dark pre-Christian mythology in PC hack-and-slash from World of Tanks publisher and talented Serbian developers Wargaming has announced Pagan Online, an intense aRPG of pre-biblical proportions that pits players against hordes of savage enemies and ancient vengeful gods, from the developers at Mad Head Games. In Pagan Online, players will battle through a demonic dystopia based on pre-Christian mythology in a game that is equal parts brutal, manic, and mystical. The game will launch on PC in 2019, and registration for pre-launch tests known as Trials is now open at pagan-online.com. Announcement Trailer: Pagan Online is a new take on hack-and-slash aRPGs, featuring challenging and fast-paced combat, powerful combatants, endless gear, and tons of gory glory. Following in the footsteps of classic dungeon crawlers while tearing down and reinventing gameplay into a MOBA-style combat experience, this game will have MOBA players begging for one more run and RPG disciples wondering what just hit them. “Mad Head Games are passionate, talented, and have a ‘go broke’ mentality to do whatever it takes to make their game as awesome as it can be,” said Jacob Beucler, Product Director, Wargaming. “We’ve taken Mad Head under our wing because this mentality reminds us of the early days at Wargaming when we put everything we had on the line to launch World of Tanks. Pagan Online is one of Wargaming’s most exciting opportunities yet—we’re helping bring these devs’ passion and skill to PC gamers everywhere.” “With Pagan Online we’ve modernized how combat in a top-down action RPG works, taking cues from MOBAs to create something that’s fast-paced, overwhelming with enemies, and super challenging,” said Uros Banjesevic, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mad Head Games. “It’s a thrill to finally be able to share this game, the product of our blood, sweat, and tears, with the world!” In Pagan Online, players will engage in intense and strategic sessions of carnage across a variety of environments. Missions are highly replayable, with numerous game modes and difficulty levels on top of a lengthy single player mode that will be continuously updated with episodic content expansions called “Battle Chapters”. Whether players are interested in mowing down enemies with ease, testing their mettle with brutally maleficent mayhem, or competing with friends for bragging rights, Pagan Online offers a sadistic spectrum of challenges to overcome. Follow Pagan Online on social media to be the first to get the latest updates: Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaganOnline Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaganOnline YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrJ-Ymuaq-Hv1MgXgb54QlA Pictures: Source: wargaming.com View the full article
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