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Found 22 results

  1. From the Tank Museum Bovington. David Fletcher looks at the M22, dubbed the ‘Locust’ by the British. The M22 saw service with the British Airborne during the Rhine Crossing in 1945. View the full article
  2. From the Tank museum Bovington David Fletcher looks at the British WW2 Coventry Armoured Car. It never saw service and was already considered obsolete by the time it was built. View the full article
  3. From the Tank Museum Bovington. David Fletcher takes a look at the M46 Patton tank designed by the United States, which saw action during the Korean War. View the full article
  4. By the Tank Museum Bovington For TANKFEST 2019, The Tank Museum was extremely lucky to be able to display the Leopard PRTL courtesy of The Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army, in cooperation with the National Military Museum of the Netherlands. David Willey explores how the self-propelled anti-aircraft system, based on a Leopard 1 tank, works and operates, alongside some footage of the PRTL in action. View the full article
  5. Described by David Fletcher as the worst tank at The Tank Museum! Find out how the WW2 Valiant tank failed in quite so many areas. View the full article
  6. David Willey, The Tank Museum Curator, discusses the development and deployment of the UK’s Main Battle Tank from 1983 – 2001, the Challenger 1. Please visit The Tank Museum website. Enjoy. View the full article
  7. Curator David Willey talks through the aptly-named Goliath, a WW2 German tracked mine. Enjoy. View the full article
  8. Another in the series from the Bovington tank Museum. Enjoy. The Tank Museum has the only surviving example of the Second World War prototype tank, the A43 Black Prince. The designers of the Churchill tank were commissioned to build a tank which could hold the larger 17 pounder gun. The Centurion was chosen to go in to production instead of the Black Prince, due to its superior engine and armour. View the full article
  9. The Tank Cruiser Mark I A9 is an interwar British tank. Tank Historian David Fletcher talks through the very first cruiser tank to go into service. View the full article
  10. David Willey, Curator at The Tank Museum, presents a Tank Chat on the mighty WW2 German Jagdtiger. Please visit the Museum web pages and give them your support. View the full article
  11. From the Tank Museum Bovington. The last in the Stuart series from Bovington. View the full article
  12. From the Tank Museum Bovington As Australia and New Zealand mark ANZAC day this week, The Tank Museum presents a Tank Chat on the Australian Sentinel tank. Also. Tiger Day 12 & 13 | 14.9.19 & 25.4.20 View the full article
  13. From the Tank Museum Bovington David Fletcher talks through the next Stuart in the series and explains the differences between the variants. The Stuart is a Second World War American light tank and was supplied to Britain and other Commonwealth countries during WW2 under lend-lease. View the full article
  14. The Tank Museum Bovington. In Tank Chat #70, David Fletcher talks through a new addition to the collection – the Sherman M4A4. View the full article
  15. David Fletcher M.B.E. talks about the WW2 Ram Mark II tank, built by Canada during the Second World War.Enjoy. View the full article
  16. An early T-34 76 captured and used by the Finish forces against the Russians and then a T-34 85. Presented by David Willey. Enjoy. View the full article
  17. The Tank Museum Bovington Historian, David Fletcher MBE talks through the Second World War, British, Cruiser tank, the Covenanter. Otherwise known as Tank Cruiser Mark V** A13. Enjoy. View the full article
  18. The Tank Museum Bovington Curator David Willey gives chapter and verse on the German Main Battle Tank, Leopard 2, which first entered service with West Germany during the Cold War. View the full article
  19. This chat with David Fletcher. This particular T-26 tank, at The Tank Museum, was a T-26A and, after capture by the Finns, modified to T-26B configuration. Enjoy. View the full article
  20. Another in the series from The Tank Museum with David Fletcher. Enjoy. View the full article
  21. David Willey talks about the Beaverette, which was recently acquired by The Tank Museum. View the full article
  22. The latest with David Fletcher; The Valentine Bridgelayer. Enjoy. View the full article
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