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Found 8 results

  1. Auto Close WG Game Center By PolarFox – this will auto close WG Game Center after a game client is loaded. – no more lag and high CPU usage from WGC. – install: unpack, copy folder MODS to main game folder (https://prnt.sc/ptwfzz) Download Link View the full article
  2. G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, expands its service portfolio by opening a game testing (QA) center. As part of developing the new business line, the company entered a strategic collaboration with Wargaming, an international game developer and publisher. The center’s engineers have already started testing the flagship project of the company’s partner, the popular World of Tanks. The newest G-Core Labs unit is located in Perm, Russia. Its opening gives rise to a new area of the company’s business—quality assurance. Due to the extensive expertise in the gaming industry and Wargaming support, the company is confident that the new project is bound to succeed. “G-Core Labs started as a solution provider for the gaming industry, so we know better than anyone, how important testing is for businesses, and we also understand all the requirements of our customers”, says Roman Zhikharev, Director of G-Core Labs QA center. “Today we’re trusted partners of Wargaming. The World of Tanks creators rely on us in such an essential thing as the testing of their key product, because it’s very important for such a large developer that production doesn’t stop for one minute. So far, we’re dealing with simple tasks, but we’ll expand our service portfolio soon enough. Even now, other Wargaming teams want to work with us.” G-Core Labs QA center has plans to expand the number of personnel to 50 engineers by the end of the year, and to make it 100 by mid-2020. Source: gamasutra View the full article
  3. Mav’s Clan Message Center Version 3.08 Changes The mod now re-displays messages when coming out of battle/changing servers if a specified minimum amount of time has elapsed(set in primary.xml) Header and divider graphic dimensions are no longer hard coded and can be changed in msg-ctr.xml Toggles are no longer case sensitive. YES, yes, and yEs are all considered equivalent. Anything that does not contain only the letters y, e, and s, in that order(regardless of capitalization) is considered a no. Spaces are allowed in toggles and color settings Should be relatively patch proof(unless WG makes some radical changes), and should continue to work for the foreseeable future on both CT and release versions by placing in the appropriate version folder. Features Display message of the day from clan leadership Display upcoming clan meeting details Display tournament details Display clan wars details Allow designated clanmates to edit tournament/clan wars details without the need to give them access to the MOTD/clan meeting sections Ability to disable any/all sections depending on requirements Option to display primary, secondary, or both primary and secondary tournament and clan wars details Choose color for different message types Option to use local or remote header image above message list and/or divider image between messages Automatically refreshes messages after a configurable time(only checks if time has elapsed when entering garage, after battle or when changing servers for instance) Source Link Download Link View the full article
  4. Source: NA Portal We’re taking the next step to build a unified infrastructure for all projects in the Wargaming.net universe and announcing the transfer of all players from the launcher to the Wargaming.net Game Center. This process will affect all Wargaming games, providing you with a single easy and convenient access point to all our products and services. NOTE: Starting October 21, World of Tanks will only be available through the Wargaming.net Game Center. The Launcher will download and install Wargaming.net Game Center upon launch, then all installed games will be imported into the Game Center, including the World of Tanks client. This will become the only way to launch the World of Tanks client. The Wargaming.net Game Center allows you to flexibly customize the update process and provides one-click access for several accounts, including accounts from different regions. It is constantly being improved, and in the future it will host new features and capabilities. Why We Are Doing This Unfortunately, the Launcher no longer meets the latest industry and technology standards. However the retirement of this dual infrastructure will allow us to fully focus on making the update process flawless. We’re happy to consider your ideas regarding the Wargaming.net Game Center’s features, so don’t hesitate to share your feedback! Resources If you would like to switch to the Wargaming.net Game Center before the final transition process, please download it via the Download button; to find out more about Wargaming.net Game Center and its features, please visit the User Guide; and if you’ve encountered any technical issues with the Wargaming.net Game Center, please visit the Player Support page. DOWNLOAD WARGAMING.NET GAME CENTER USER GUIDE PLAYER SUPPORT View the full article
  5. Partisans 1941 or just Partisans by Alter Games is the 2nd game non-developed or published by WG to join the Game Center. Second to Eugen System’s Steel Division 2. About the game Partisans is a real-time tactical strategy with non-linear type of storytelling. This game is about soviet partisans and their activity during World war II. It’s focused on harsh reality in those times, when many people became reluctant heroes, and every feat required its price, and sometimes this price was extremely high. The game shows the war from a new, poorly explored angle. However, it is not a historical simulator, Partisans offers a unique interpretation of those times’ events. The game shows partisans’ everyday life, which is full of cold, hunger and wounds. Still there is a room for joy as well. Players would have to make tough choices, for example, they’ll have to decide whether to help civilians and betray their position or to walk past and stay unnoticed. The game give opportunities to prove oneself in a fight, to overcome the superior forces of the enemy using cunning and mother wit , and to leave the field when the situation is really bad. Check out Partisans here View the full article
  6. Developed by Eugen Systems, Steel Division II is the first non-WG published or developed game to be available for download through the Wargaming client. Set during Operation Bagration on the Eastern Front in the summer 1944, Steel Division 2 pushes the limits of the WW2 Tactical experience and brings new 1:1 scale Dynamic Strategic Campaigns. You’re now in charge of your entire army. Check out Steel Division 2 here not sponsored View the full article
  7. Source: EU Portal We are transferring players to the Wargaming.net Game Center and building a unified infrastructure for all projects in the Wargaming.net universe. The transition will affect all games, and the next step for all tankers is transferring all Common Test participants to the Game Center. The Common Test will only be available through the Wargaming.net Game Center. The Common Test launcher will be updated on launch, then all installed games will be imported into the Game Center, including the World of Tanks Common Test client. The will be no other way to launch the Common Test client. The Common Test client can be accessed here: What is the Wargaming.net Game Center? Unified infrastructure for all projects in the Wargaming universe. All Wargaming games, as well as the Common Test and the Sandbox in one application. Game access in one click and support for multiple accounts, including accounts from different regions. Flexible game updates: ability to automatically update games when they are not launched. Customer Support Service application management from the app. View the full article
  8. Hello, The last 2 days I got one too many players pinging me with a current issue happening with World of Tanks in which the Game Center is not being able to connect or update the game. Screenshot taken by a fellow CC, EdvinE20, he has reported that when he tries to update WoT an error will show or sometimes nothing will happen at all. Unfortunately, a fresh reinstall, PC restart or “start by Admin” has been of no help but a member of Staff, Eekeeboo (EU CM) seems to have found a midway solution. For those having the same issue, please try disconnecting the land internet cable and connect using your phone’s internet as that seems to allow the update to process, you can then pause the update and reconnect your cable and carry on patching through the standard route. This is not a full fix but it should keep you going until the appropriate staff catches on with a proper repair. I would still suggest those affected to contact support but please have in mind that things work very slowly on weekends. I sincerely hope this helps some of you. Have a great weekend, Rita. View the full article
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