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Found 3 results

  1. I will make this rather personal, as this is mostly letter is dedicated to You, our readers. The keen eyed of you know that I have been running TAP since roughly May of 2019, and if you were here for even longer than that, I’ve also been an author or publishing few historical pieces here and there in late parts of 2017 and early 2018 as well. Since Sebastianul has mostly left the blog mostly for me to handle, there will be many changes in the year of 2020, and they will drastically impact the post quality from here on out, most of which I will be talking about here, in this letter to You. (And if You are wondering, You will not be seeing a lot of Seb until early to mid of 2021) What is this 2.0 project? The whole point of 2.0 is to increase the quality of the blog, rework the interface and hopefully, if possible, reduce the negative stigma about the blog floating around, mostly taking account Your feedback about what you want to change and what sort of content do You want. Armored Patrol 2.0 Project – Stage 1 This one is, if You are reading this the day this is published or few days afterwards, has either already arrived or will arrive soon. 1) Change of Platform We are in the process and close to finishing full transition from WordPress.com to wordpress.org. What does this mean to us? A lot more freedom when it comes to design and maintenance of the blog. To You? A lot of awesome changes going forwards! 2) Signing up to a dedicated Ad network. Now I know what You are thinking, “this is all about the money”, and it sort of is, but we all have our own lives and somehow we need to make a living, but this is not a decision without any sort of positive result to You. With a dedicated ad network, we will make a lot more income while also controlling the type of ads displayed (We will do our best not to include nudity or sexual content!), and this brings us to the last point: 3) Full time writing and expansion of content With the extra predicted income, I will be able to go full time blogging and writing, meaning You should get all the juicy news the moment they come out! As well as news, I will be doing a lot of things Wargaming related, such as rework proposals, beginner guides (like the one we published recently), and also a full out content expansion, going beyond just Wargaming news into the world of different games, historical articles and things You, readers, want to see! (Wait for our polls on this soon!) Does that sound promising? For us, it sure does! But this is not it, as we also have 2nd stage planned, which is early to talk about, but we can let You in on some juicy bits. Armored Patrol 2.0 Project – Stage 2 1) Full site redesign While Seb totally loves the old timey theme and look, I will be working on a more modern and easy to understand solution. People like professionalism! 2) Multilingual website We will be working with translators of different major countries and languages (currently we are thinking about Russian and German, with the possibility of Polish) to translate the blog into your language, making it far more accessible to everyone. The Epilogue And that is not it, as 2020 progresses, You will surely see many different changes when it comes to how TAP evolves. Just keep one thing in mind: Reader satisfaction is our top priority going forwards. When it comes to new types of content and written pieces, You will decide how we alter the course, making You a part of the adventure. And for now, that is everything we have in store for You, please express Your opinion down below on what do You think of our transition, what sort of content do You expect and want to see, and most importantly, what is Your opinion, negative or positive, about the blog and what do You want to change Yourself. Until the next time! Vexxed. View the full article
  2. WW2 Photos Part 93 – Armored Warfare Download Link View the full article
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