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  1. Wargaming is mounting its biggest and best-planned assault yet on western gamers, with its first title built from the ground up by western developers for western audiences. CEO Victor Kislyi tells Seth Barton about the masterplan and how even a studio-destroying fire has been an opportunity in disguise Wargaming has traditionally launched its games from east to west. And it’s latest title Caliber – a PvE and PvP tactical third-person shooter – is another example of that approach, with the special forces-based title testing its flashbangs in the post-soviet CIS region before coming to the US and western Europe later. But CEO Victor Kislyi now accepts that such a strategy isn’t necessarily the best approach for those latter markets, telling us it’s a matter of cultural sensibilities. The talkative boss of Wargaming explains that he’s had little choice to consider the east-west cultural divide for most of his life. Born in Belarus, he explains his ongoing bewilderment at the attractions of WWE-styled American wrestling with its “big guys in golden bikinis’ (something we can agree on) and his dislike of the tortured time-travel plot devices of the recent Avengers movie (something we can’t). Going broader, he has a grudging respect for basketball, “not as good as football” though, and cheers us with his appreciation of the BBC’s Yes Minister, calling it “quality entertainment.” In short, he’s very aware that some (even unlikely) cultural exports can succeed across ( the phantom of the iron curtain while others, often inexplcably, do not resonate. The safest bet then is to make the game in the region that it’s intended for. “If we want to make a western game, we have to be in the west. The whole studio – no Russian manager, no Russian studio. It has to be all western from scratch” he tells us, which brings us around to Wargaming’s fledgling UK studio, based in Guildford. Speaking on the studies unannounced title, he admits: l was a little sceptical seeing the first sketches, but then I thought OK. we were probably doing something wrong all these years, let the people who have done It before do it for us.” And Kislyi is impressed by the team that studio head Sean Decker has assembled to work on the title. The whole team is loaded for western tastes. The reason why I mentioned WWE or The Avengers, is the game will have elements that maybe I don’t fully grasp, but that’s not a problem, that’s actually good; Having said that, Wargaming isn’t about to dive into some untried genre, with Kislyi dropping the biggest hints yet as to the nature of the upcoming game. “Free-to-play, battle, militarily-themed: he summarises, adding that ‘it’s going to have conflict, some violence, shooting:* And while the company isn’t following its usual geographical approach. it’s sticking to a rigorous and scientific process for rolling out its next tide. “Of course there will be testing of everything. Everything we do will be scientifically tested, that’s how you do things. Tested not in the east but in the US and western Europe, on people who watch those cartoons, who watch these sport programmes, these TV stars, that we just don’t know.’ THE GREAT FIRE OF GUILDFORD Wargaming’s ambitions in the UK are impressive. Guildford has long been a great place to set up a new studio but only if you have the backing to hire and retain the best talent in a competitive and relatively expensive part of the country. It’s a place to build a talented, veteran team, rather than a plucky upstart. The UK was chosen over the US for its mix of nationalities, Kislyi tells us: “Britain is even better {than the US) in terms of the variety of talent. Greeks, Swedes, Germans, as well as US talent too. We’re close to Heathrow so you’re one flight away from pretty much anywhere in the world – direct flights to everywhere. The studio was partly formed out of the acquisition of Edge Case Games, but has expanded rapidly since )then and will continue to grow with some 30 positions open at present. it’s also had something of an enforced clean slate of late, following a fire which destroyed the old Edge Case office. Keith Anderson, Wargaming UK’s publishing director, tells the story. “[In early August), Sunday night about one o’clock, we start getting some calls that our studio is on fire. And it turns out that some homeless guy started a fire on the canal, on the river that backs onto our studio, it caught onto the bushes, and they burnt up the back of our building. ‘The firemen came along and literally ripped down the back of our building to stop the fire, which went up into the roof, into the timbers. Our server room is now visible, it’s covered in water, so basically they exposed our server room and covered everything in water. “The studio was completely doused in smoke, the electrics were done. The front door was bashed down, and they cut holes in all our walls to make sure the fire wasn’t still smouldering inside:* A pretty complete destruction of the studio then, though thankfully no one was hurt in the fire. And the wider Wargaming organisation quickly got the team up and running in a temporary new office space, pending a move to a new permanent home. ‘ Our support team did an amazing job: Anderson continues. “Within two weeks we were in a new building, we’ve got 50 people set up. were back up and running, because our Wargaming Sydney team started running builds for us, so were playtesting again based on builds they’re running off their servers. To commemorate the event we printed special T-shirts for the studio team – the great fire of Guildford On the back tt says: ‘Nobody does burn down like we de. And congrats to the team, for making what could be a calamity and turning it around!• The team does have plans to move into a fantastic new space in the coming months. We’ve seen photos and it’s very impressive, but that’s all were allowed to say for now Kisliy tells us: “There were cheaper options, but this time I said: ‘Hey let’s have the best place to work in Guildford: And it will be the best place to work In Guildford: Kislyi is upbeat about the fire as well, seeing It as something of a good omen: “I think this is a sign from the heavens: get out of this old barn and move on with your lives: he smiles. He explains the Wargaming office in Minsk was flooded out when they did the alpha for World of Tanks and that game worked out well in the end. GROWING THE WARGAMING BRAND The new office will be just the most visible part of Wargaming’s ambitions, or as Kisliy puts it: “The UK project is going to be big, we’ll not settle for ‘let’s try; it’s going to be super-duper-triple-A: he exclaims. Studio head Decker has an impressive track record, with stints as senior vice president at CCP and six years at DICF. where he ended up as general manager of the studio. Kislyi notes that despite his success, Decker is still hungry, saying “He’s not going to retire in the foreseeable future, he wants a big thing. His job is not to invent the game and come up with creative Ideas. He builds the team, brings in the right people, and it’s going to be a dream team.” We’re not rushing: Kisliy is keen to impress upon us, with the game a long way from being shown publicly. There’s plenty of time for the new, and growing, team to make its marks on the franchise as Anderson explains for us in more detail: “We’re really trying to do stuff a bit differently, not for the sake of being different. but for the sake of looking for other opportunities to grow the Wargaming brand. It’s a totally new IP, a totally new way of looking at how were going to be doing this. And I think that’s the exciting bit, with the blessing of Victor and the Wargaming leadership, to go and forge a new path for ourselves. And then with leaders like Sean Decker and Paul Barnett (creative director), we’ve really got every opportunity to go out there and ante something pretty spectacular, something pretty fresh. And this is also why we think we’re a really exciting studio to join, because it’s very seldom in a games industry person’s career that they get to start on a new project, from scratch, fully funded, and build it on that end, Wargaming can afford to be somewhat picky about who it chooses for its new team, with Kislyi impressed with Decker’s clear approach to people management. “I wish I had more of this. (Sean) would rather not hire a person, or would fire a person, if they’re not the right fit, so he started from a company culture and common goal: were going for the big thing you’re either on the bus, or off the bus. “It’s easy to say, it’s in every business book, but it’s very difficult to do this in real life. But he has amazing style and he’s doing it, which makes me very very happy. I was impressed at the speed he moved. He announced to everyone: ‘We need you to be at the best of your capacities, we don’t have space for passenger” He was very clear: ‘We need this, this, this from these positions’, he knows his stuff He started hiring, and opening positions, using his network to bring in the best of the best people. He’s not in a rush, we understand that it’s going to take some time. so he’s doing his filtering. hiring and firing according to his standards, which are very high? ENGINE ROOMS The studio has already announced it’s working with Unreal, rather than Wargaming’s in-house engine that powers all its biggest hits to date. And although the venture represents a fresh beginning, Wargaming isn’t going to reinvent the wheel, literally-speaking, in order to achieve its goals. “Unreal was not designed to handle vehicles, so that’s why we have been porting in physics and all the things we have in Tanks, that you don’t have in Unreal. So we have Unreal loaded with World of Winks slut[ technologically speaking: Kislyl tells us, revealing another small piece of the unseen title, with “vehicular physics and ‘visibility systems being two things that the company has plugged into Unreal for the team. Moving away from Guildford. Wargaming is also exploring other genres and technologies. In Kiev (Ukraine), it’s working with the 125-strong Frag Lab on an unannounced title. “It’s going to be FPS: says Kislyi “Many of those guys were doing Warface before that, so they know how to do FPS, they are using Amazon technology [Lumberyard], because they know how to use it historically. We don’t give anybody any details now. but it’s going to be super-duper-triple-A FPS and again they have the mandate to make It right.” And moving back to Unreal, there’s the recently released Pagan Online, an action-RPG that represents the company’s first big step into the premium game market, with the title being sold on Steam. It’s notable for Its wide range of control schemes (point-and-click, controller or WASD), in what is often a somewhat staid space, and the breadth of its content. “It’s an experiment, we don’t intervene much with their production, we just give them publishing guidelines. It’s not free-to-play, it’s not the biggest shot we’ve made, but let’s try this one: Kislyi says on the game. HIGH CALIBER A bigger shot. or rather a fusillade of gunfire. comes in the form of Caliber, which (as we noted at the start) is now going through the more typical Wargaming gestation period. It’s currently in closed beta in the CIS region and you an currently sign up for an EU beta that is yet to be dated. “As an approach, it works, it serves a purpose. First we do CIS-Russia. They are more forgoing, we have a stronger community, and so on. Those things that need to be polished, some of them we don’t know until it has a critical mass of real players, balancing. etc. We do it in Russia. There are some things that you can never learn before you launch. The first month or two will tell us how much work is needed to bring to the west; Kislyi tells us. “This one we hope will be successful in the west because it’s a very universal topic It’s special forces, you can’t be humourous or have impressionist graphics, cel-shading or whatever. This is photorealistic, running on low-tier computers, because the guys in our target audience are not necessarily super-duper. Alienware-equipped guys.” We suggest that third-person shooters am a somewhat more crowded market than tank games, but Kislyi feels Caliber has Its own space ‘The world has been taken by storm by third-person. Fortnite for example. I tried The Division 2 for comparison (with Caliber]. it’s not a bad game, in fact it’s a very good game, it’s third-person, but the pacing is far apart, to have clear differentiation. And Caliber’s ‘free-to-play’. His own family dynamics have in part led Kislyi to love Caliber. He explains that his son had bumped him out of their Fortnite games for his lack of skills: “Fortnite I was honestly playing, playing, playing and then he stopped Inviting me! I’m kinda there but I’m also taking up a space:’ So the pair are now playing Caliber together instead: “I’m playing Medic or Heavy. and he’s playing Sniper or Assault. It’s a good father-son game. `Right now, in Fortnite, my son is not the best player – sorry son! And he plays less and less because he gets killed. It’s a very unforgiving environment. So listen Fortnite kids, Caliber, coming soon!” Original publication: MCV magazine, September 2019 release, pages 46-49. View the full article
  2. Click to view slideshow. Here are the 3 racing cars for the WoT Race mode and the free American Car style. “American car” – A unique all-season style, issued for participation in the event “Big Race”. This style will be defaulted on all 3 racing tanks. • Chaffee Sport • T-50 Sport • Leopard Sport However, it can be also obtained as a reward. For 1400 points in races (this is the penultimate reward in personal progress). Unhistorical, tech. the price is 750 gold. (not for sale). Only for vehicles of level 8, 9 and 10. View the full article
  3. – The fate of the Steel Hunter mode is very good. But first of all, right now we want to look at the outcome of the mode, heatmaps and other things. There are big plans for it, the mode has shown itself well and what we expected from it. – We cannot release a bond shop so far due to a number of technical problems. – The game is already 9 years old, the audience has been developing and the demand for bots has increased, therefore we are already quietly testing them on 2 clusters (Latin America and Australia). There are bots at the bottom tiers, the system for them is currently being developed and tested, trained and improved. Work is ongoing, we have a plan. The second option is what was in the Last Frontier mode. This is to offer players to play some kind of cooperative PvE form. Everything, as it was in the mode. We have already begun to try, and initially all this arose in 2017, from the halloween mode with Leviathan, when we had artificial intelligence. We are preparing the foundation for solving problems at low levels. – However, if we go and think even further, we still have 3 radical options. If we talk about the RU-region, we have a lot of servers, and there are solutions related to this. The bottom line is to build a common RU-cluster as a single interface, so that physical servers become invisible. But no, you need to move the first two options into the PvE element. – The statistics do not confirm the abnormal amount of LT in battles, this is a vision error, and the fact that such abnormal battles are remembered by the players. There are battles with abnormal emissions of any classes, for example, with mediums. However, now we are testing a special algorithm that does something to finally deal with such anomalies. No, this mechanism will not work on the limitations of technical classes. If we make such restrictions, you will have to wait much longer in the battle queue. If you are good at remembering and focus on such fights, the same thing we had with the repetitions of maps. Statistics do not confirm this data. But yes, the problem of anomalous fights of different classes does exist. – Unbanning permanently banned players is not yet exactly planned. – Black Market 2.0 – Have you been up at 7 in the morning? We don’t know anything about the Black Market; it’s not ours at all. You never know, maybe someday, someone will launch. – Waffentrager auf E 100 on the Black Market? You yourself are sure that you want this. Nobody wants that. You yourself don’t want it. Looks like someone made you ask this question … You need to understand that the Black Market in WoT was a surprise. – Suffering is part of the DNA of World of Tanks. – Patches and medals for collectors of premium tanks is a very good idea, yes. Why not. However, you can focus on patches in battle, so there’s a double-edged sword. – On the last tested Sandbox the usage of HE fell down a lot. – Bots in the Last Frontier possessed a memory, and if they saw you, they remembered the place where you fired from and could blindfire you like an ordinary player. But in reality they were not tough. View the full article
  4. Or is it the other way around? During a Frontline game, the best attack can be holding your ground long enough, and sometimes, the best defense can be a daring assault on your enemies’ positions. This is why you need great and versatile vehicles, such as: The Caernarvon AX, which can lead the charge with its good DPM and accuracy or protect any point while properly placed. Just use your tough turret to bounce shells off! The Progetto M35 mod. 46, a paragon of flexibility which moves fast, hits hard (courtesy of a 3-shot auto-reloading gun) and sees from a distance thanks to its good view range Caernarvon Action X Offers Supreme – 99.99 € Ultimate – 59.99 € Standard – 38.42 € VIII Caernarvon Action X 1 exclusive style Garage Slot 100% Trained Crew Progetto M35 mod. 46 Offers Supreme – 99.99 € Ultimate – 59.99 € Standard – 40.06 € VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot View the full article
  5. The experimental project has been developed internally at Wargaming and uses “local cloud rendering” to achieve maximum quality and realistic experience for viewers. iPad is connected to PC like a 3D mouse, meanwhile PC does all rendering & sends that back to iPad as video. The AR experiences is based on ARKit for iOS and iPad sends its constant position/orientation to PC, in-game camera in World of Tanks on PC matches the iPad’s position/orientation and sends what it sees back to iPad as video. WoT skybox is made transparent, and the app controls what “slice” of the map in a replay the visitor is seeing at any time. In its current state of development the World of Tanks AR Spectate experience works with replays only. View the full article
  6. Commanders! There’s nothing quite like a WG Fest, and we wanted you to feel that uniqueness, whether you’ll be able to join us in Minsk or not. So, from 14 September at 07:00 CEST to 17 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) make sure to log in to enjoy the great discounts and rewarding missions below. x4 XP For your first win with every vehicle UP TO 50% OFF On Crew Training, Skill reset and Specialization change UP TO 50% OFF On Customization, Equipment and Consumables 50% OFF On Barrack and Garage Slots WG Fest Missions Help on all Fronts Rewards 5,000 Objective Damage 20 different enemies over any amount of battles Restrictions Only aboard Tier IV to Tier X vehicles Only 3 times per account The XP will be credited on the vehicle you complete the mission with Put on the Damage Rewards 1 Small Repair Kit 1 token for the “Breaking Through” mission Objective Deal 1,500 HP of damage in one battle Restrictions Only aboard Tier IV to Tier X vehicles Repeatable Breaking Through Rewards 1 Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer 1 “Band-Aid 2” decal Objective Earn 25 tokens from the “Put on the Damage” mission Restrictions Only once per account View the full article
  7. Frontlines Album (Site is in russian) As part of a joint project between Sputnik Belarus and Wargaming, celebrities tell military stories of their families. Blogger Ivan Letokhin told the story of his grandfather, Vladimir Semenovich, for Front Album. The war found him in Leningrad. The winter of 1941-1942 was a real test. 16-year-old guy worked at the factory – he made shells for the front. There wasn’t enough rations, and Vladimir went to the bombed-out food depots, where he had to use a pickax to cut down the frozen remains of provisions along with the ground. Through the Road of Life on Ladoga, he got out of the besieged city and went into the army as a tankman. Twice I had to burn in the tank, but fate kept Vladimir Semenovich alive. In an interview for the Frontlines Album project, Ivan restored his grandfather’s military career: he fought on the Kursk Bulge, liberated Belarus and Koenigsberg, and reached Berlin. There are fewer heroes of the Great Patriotic War. A joint project between Sputnik Belarus and Wargaming is designed to preserve their memory. Everyone can tell their video story for Frontlines Album. To do this, on September 15th, you should come to Tank Victory Day in Minsk Victory Park, where the shooting pavilion Sputnik Belarus will be working from 14:00. View the full article
  8. Greetings, Currently editing the next tank video! A bit delayed with the next one as I have been away recording some amazing Tank Footage on a remote field which I so cant wait to show you! On the Meanwhile, the IDP Film Twins caught me this weekend at Tank Trucks and Firepower and I agreed to do an interview for them! If you are not aware of the IDP Film channel do check it out! They have a really good collection of Drone footage of tanks (which I have on occasions shared on the blog) among much other militaria! Definitely worth taking a peek! View the full article
  9. Received this in my email, enjoy BONUS CODES HEBC5-W9HKN-7E5KA HEBC6-8HBZA-N6YYW INVITE CODES Contains: Three Premium ships: Dreadnought, Aurora, Tachibana, as well as 30 days of Premium Account time. HEWCE-W5XYV-H9UW5 HEWCT-Z39WG-EXSBE HEWCA-SUKEU-ZNSZD View the full article
  10. 3 styles, one as a purchase only style and others as rewards. • “Steel Hunter” (BR paid). The style is exclusively purchased. – All-season style, dedicated to the event of the same name. Unhistorical, tech. the price of 1750 gold. Only for vehicles of tiers 8, 9 and 10. • “Amateur Hunter” (BR award 15). – An all-season style, issued for achieving the 15th degree in the Steel Hunter event. Unhistorical, tech. the price is 750 gold. Only for vehicles of level 8, 9 and 10. • “Professional Hunter” (BR award 25). – An all-weather style, issued for achieving the 25th degree in the Steel Hunter event. Unhistorical, tech. the price is 750 gold. Only for vehicles of tiers 8, 9 and 10. Click to view slideshow. View the full article
  11. Tanks available for use in the Steel Hunter event: • Red Dawn (USSR). • Rattlesnake (USA). • Flaming sword (Germany). View the full article
  12. Two new patches were added to the game, they will be issued for participation in the Steel Hunter mode of Battle Royale World of Tanks 2019. The mode uses a system of chevrons from Ranked battles, awards are given forever. Quality Mark: 15 Reach level 15 in Steel Hunter mode. Quality Mark: 25 Reach level 25 in Steel Hunter mode. All Steel Hunter medals 5 steps to victory Reach level 5 in Steel Hunter mode. It was issued as part of the Steel Hunter 2019 event. Vertical takeoff Reach level 15 in Steel Hunter mode. It was issued as part of the Steel Hunter 2019 event. Celestial Reach 25 level in Steel Hunter mode. It was issued as part of the Steel Hunter 2019 event. And my banner will not fall Take first place in the battle when playing solo. It was issued as part of the Steel Hunter 2019 event. And our banner will not fall Take first place according to the results of the battle in the Steel Hunter mode when playing with a platoon. It was issued as part of the Steel Hunter 2019 event. View the full article
  13. An all-new large and city map: “Zone 404” (Dreamland) for the Steel Hunter mode. Size: 2×2 km. or 4 km². Click to view slideshow. New event Hangar: Click to view slideshow. View the full article
  14. Hello everyone, for those of you who weren’t aware the World of Warships team have just unveiled their latest goodies for WoWS at this years Gamescom and I am writing to give you an overview of what to expect. Firstly, we have been given this teaser: Submarines: So for those of you wondering how submarines will be implemented into the tech tree, the first nations we have been shown are Germany and the United States, and they will start at tier VI and follow the same progression as aircraft carriers taking up the even tiers following. Here are the line ups for the two nations: USA: Tier VI – USS Cachalot Tier VIII – USS Salmon Tier X – USS Balao Germany: Tier VI – U-69 (Type VIIC) Tier VIII – U-190 (Type IXC) Tier X – U-2501 (Type XXI) Just like the Halloween event, there will be 3 levels for the submarine to operate at: Surface, Periscope depth and Dive depth. At dive depth, the submarine will be blind, but it can use the hydrophone to locate enemy targets to engage. When a submarine launches its torpedos, it can give it a limited guided capability dependent on whether it uses its sonar, one ping will give the torpedo a nudge in the target’s direction and two pings will give the torpedo magnetic properties to help guide it further. The main counter to submarines will be DDs who will be alerted to any sonar pings coming from a submarine contact, which will paint a circle for the DD to investigate and upon entering it will commence depth charging the area. Another balancing factor is the oxygen supply on the submarine which means captains will need to manage their time submerged, lest they are forced to surface near enemy vessels. Finally, submarines will be slow and vulnerable, meaning that they will have to rely on their stealth to get into positions undetected and use their wits to remain unseen by the enemy. A new German captain: For all German fans, Günther Lütjens has been announced as the unique captain to grace German vessels in WoWS, however, at this moment in time, we have not been told any of his skills or characteristics so keep an eye on the WoWS development blog for further news. New German Tier VIII ships: Germany will be receiving 2 new Tier VIII ships, the Light Cruiser Mainz which is based on the Admiral Hipper class but has 12x 150mm cannons rather than 8x 203mm cannons. Then for Battleships, we will see the Odin, which we have been told is based on the Scharnhorst but from we can gather so far it may be armed with 305mm cannons rather than 283mm cannons but will retain its torpedo armament. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned as we will try to keep you updated with all the Gamescom 2019 news that will be coming out, as always see you next time. View the full article
  15. Wargaming St. Petersburg is looking for a Senior Game Designer to work on a PC title. What you will do: Contribute to core gameplay development Write scripts Create and tune game units, their abilities, and other items Work with level editors and create locations Participate in organizing and holding prototype playtests Gather and process feedback from playtesters Requirements: Experience developing PC and console games At least one released project Experience working on core gameplay Experience fine-tuning game balance Ability to create short, concise game design documents Profound knowledge of session multiplayer games and 5+ years’ gaming experience Great writing skills in Russian Solid MS Excel knowledge Desirable: Working knowledge of game engines (Unreal, Unity, CryEngine) Programming experience, working knowledge of scripting languages Experience working as a game designer on released session and F2P games Upper-Intermediate or higher level of English (written, technical) To apply, send your resume to hrspb@wargaming.net. Job listing View the full article
  16. Commanders! Here’s a new way to celebrate gamescom: make the best of this amazing offer featuring a whole year of World of Tanks Premium Account and three amazing vehicles on top – for free! Deeply connected to the story of Cologne, the T26E3 Eagle 7 defeated a Panther near the iconic German city’s cathedral. In World of Tanks, just like any Pershing, this Tier VII medium tank is perfect for king of the hill tactics, using its strong mantlet, gun depression, and a nice alpha to thrive on the battlefield. Also packing a rich backstory, the Bretagne Panther was once used by the Germans, captured by the French and was finally restored by our friends of the Saumur Tank Museum. In our game, it’s a versatile vehicle with tough armour, and a powerful and accurate gun. Recently introduced, the T78 is the perfect mix of all the great traits that American tank destroyers have to offer. Reliable, fast, easy to hide and with a fully-rotatable turret – this Tier VI hunter is dangerously sneaky. 360 days – Gamescom Edition – 89.39 € WoT Premium Account: 360 days VI Bretagne Panther VII T26E3 Eagle 7 VI T78 View the full article
  17. Commanders! Today, we have two vehicles in store for you that couldn’t be more different from each other: The LT-432, a Soviet light tank with a low profile, high speed, and a brutal rate of fire. It’s not limited to scouting only – use your speed, angled armour, and gun to support your medium tanks and earn even more XP and Credits. The Somua SM, a French heavy tank with a five-round autoloader. Unlike its brethren, this vehicle comes with quite strong armour – dealing and taking damage is as easy as breathing. LT-432 Offers Supreme – 89.99 € Ultimate – 49.99 € Standard – 25.07 € VIII LT-432 Garage Slot 100% Trained Crew Somua SM Offers Supreme – 99.99 € Ultimate – 59.99 € Standard – 39.99 € VIII Somua SM 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot View the full article
  18. “ANIMALS” is one of the main Russian rock bands, the voice of a generation whose songs have become a hymn of love. September 15th, you will see the new show of the team and hear your favorite hits. An event not to be missed! The group “Vopli Vidoplyasova” is the founder of the Ukrainian rock and roll and neo-style “ethno-rock”. It was thanks to her that rock first sounded in Ukrainian! And also “Vopli Vidoplyasova” released 20 albums, conducted more than 5 thousand concerts, recorded more than 300 songs and toured around 100 countries on tour. The group has more than 3 million listeners – and this is not the limit! Krambambuly is a Belarusian group, winner of the Grand Prix and laureate of the prestigious Rock Coronation contest. Performs music in a mixed style under the influence of rock and pop folk. The most famous hits are “Gosi” (feat. Sergei Mikhalok), “Try Charapakhi”, “Susedzi” (feat. Andrey “Kuzma” Kuzmenko), “Pavetrana Shar”, “Simple Words”. Premium Hangar Admission to the event is free, but with the purchase of the package “WG Fest: Tanker’s Day. VIP-set ”you will receive as a gift an invitation to the Premium Hangar zone of increased comfort. In the comfort zone, in addition to the main entertainments of the festival, you will find: A special scene where developers will answer players’ questions. Additional gaming area for 100 computers. A game zone where our mobile and console projects will be presented. The opportunity to win cool prizes. Photozone. Optional WG Shop. The ability to chat with tank bloggers. Own food court. Separate sitting area. Gifts in Premium Hangar When registering an invitation at the information desk near the Premium Hangar, you will receive souvenirs and codes with in-game property from Wargaming, as well as souvenirs from our partners: HeavyMetal.Toys, Brest Hosiery Plant, Grodfood. We hope that these souvenirs will help you keep a good memory of the festival. The bonus code contains the gaming property of Wargaming projects: World of Tanks: Object 244 slot in the hangar World of Warplanes: Tu-1 with an exclusive set of camouflage 100% crew with one free skill point slot in the hangar World of Tanks Blitz: 2017 WG Fest camouflage on all tanks “Tectonic” camouflage on all tanks 5 days premium account Gods & Glory: 3000 crystals 1 additional worker for 2 days 8 Haste for 30 minutes 6 Haste for 1 hour 2 Haste for 3 hours 1 Acceleration by 8 hours 3 “consumables” “Issue new decrees” 3 Coins of Fortune 2 days premium account 5 Attack Potions: + 30% for 1 hour 5 Protection Potions: + 30% for 1 hour 6 Intelligence View the full article
  19. Commanders! Have you ever wanted to show your most unbelievable and entertaining tank clashes to the world? This is exactly what the Tank Festival 2019 Contest is about! Send us your best replays for a chance to win the Grand Prize, a top-tier gaming laptop, and other rewards. How It Works To participate in the contest, submit your epic replay using your Wargaming ID account via wotreplays.eu. Show us your best performance, and mark your submission with “Tank Festival” in the title and reference the server you’re playing on in the description. Together with known streamers, we’ll select the ten best performing replays with outstanding gameplay per cluster and then let the community vote for a winner during the Final Live Stream on 7 September 2019 via the Twitch platform. The Grand Prize – a powerful gaming laptop – will go to the top contestant with the most outstanding replay. Both finalists and random contestants who didn’t win the grand prize will earn the mighty Škoda T 27, a brand-new Tier VIII Czechoslovak Premium tank, and Jan Žižka special style. But wait, there’s more! Regardless of your success in the contest, you will be rewarded for your zeal and participation with a pleasant recognition prize, an Emblem for one of your vehicles. No one will leave the battlefield unrewarded! Pay attention! We appreciate your love for World of Tanks, but your replay must show performance only in Random battles and the Frontline mode. You may upload several replays, but only the replays with the best performance may be selected. Only replays created from August 7th to September 1st, 2019 inclusively will be accepted and eligible for jury review and the Final Live Stream. View the full article
  20. Once again we are rolling to Cologne at gamescom! – the beating heart of games in Europe. If you plan to appear there, don’t forget to visit our stand, and if not, you’ll be able to follow everything on our Social media channels. Wargaming.net Gamescom is just around the corner, and Wargaming has most of their titles and plenty of representatives attending. With many popular community figures attending, it’s definitely something to looks forwards to. However, in one question is unanswered, the content WG will show to the public. The answer is rather simple, Wargaming will likely not show anything important related to WoT and WoWS, easily their current flagship titles. Reason for that is WGFest, where they try to captivate the public with new unheard of content (and new promises). Although, what is definitely confirmed is the appearance of two titles from Wargaming, Pagan Online and their brand new Caliber. Pagan Online, their World of Warcraft-esque RPG title is launching from early access to full release on August 27th, and Caliber, Wargaming’s take on tactical FPS genre, is already in beta testing in Russia, with EU support announced very recently and will likely be their ace up their sleeve. WoT and WoWS content lovers, there isn’t much to expect from the event, though sneak peek to new premium vehicles like recently announced tanks like E-75TS, T-1 LPC and M48 Räumpanzer and several new ship lines might have an appearance during the show in the hands of community contributors and streamers. What has a chance of being showed, is a sneak peek of WGFest, which will take place several weeks after the end of Gamescom. Nothing is certain so take everything with a pinch of salt and wait for the event to happen! Good luck, commanders! View the full article
  21. With the Tank Festival having already begun (us non-RU server plebs will get the event tomorrow August 7th), players will be introduced to a new event currency called tickets. Earning those will allow you to purchase exclusive rewards and other goodies like dogtags. How to get tickets: Completing daily missions Frontlines: Frontlines episode 7 in August: from August 19 to August 26. Frontlines episode 8 in September: from September 16 to September 23. • 1 ticket for each level of the Front Line from the 15th to the 29th (total: 15 tickets). • 5 tickets for the 30th level of the Front Line. • For 1 one-time increase in valor (level 30), they will give 4 components of a token for the Front Line. Czech Holidays event (August 9th) Steel Hunter (Battle Royale) [End of August] Tank Races 2019 (September 23) View the full article
  22. Note: Tank Festival begins with the release of update 1.6 which will release a day after RU server release (August 6th on RU, August 7th on all other servers) The tank festival has started! It will last until October 7th. The hangar is also included. You will be given starting 5 Tickets and a T-116 gift tank immediately after launching the game. Click to view slideshow. Missions for tokens: 1. Festival weekdays 1: • Objective: Deal 650 damage. • Reward: 1 ticket. Can be completed 7 times per day. Will From August 6 to August 12, 2019 (On RU server) 2. Festival weekend 1: • Task: damage 25 enemy vehicles (in total). • Reward: 30 tickets. Can only be completed once per day Can only be completed starting August 10th – 12th (On RU server) The next event is Czech Vacations (August 9th – 19th). Tank Festival 2019 ” will open with a series of tasks with a Czech event, ”which not only veterans, but also beginners can handle. Czech Vacations will last from August 9th to August 19th. Players will be able to collect a whole bunch of fragments of drawings for the Czech branch of World of Tanks and get a unique 3D-style for the Czech Tier VIII premium tank Skoda T 27 – and that’s not counting other awards. NOTE: Currently known is that only that the unique 3D style is up for grabs, whether or not the tank itself is available for free is unknown. Click to view slideshow. View the full article
  23. Commanders! If you ever played an RTS, you know what “hit and run” is. And guess what: this doctrine is also valid in World of Tanks. Especially if you battle aboard one of these two great harassing vehicles: Using its speed and agility to sneak around, the Lorraine 40 t will find the best angle and unload its clip in a matter of seconds. Point a target, use your incredible burst damage, run away and repeat! Learn more about this French Tier VIII medium tank in its manual. With a very good acceleration and one of the best alpha damage of all Tier VIII medium tanks, the Lansen C is a different kind of harassing tank, but an efficient one for sure. Move around, use your gun depression and deliver a massive blow before anyone notice – learn the best practices for this one here. Lorraine 40 t offers Supreme Ultimate Standard – 39.05 € VIII Lorraine 40 t Garage Slot 100% Trained Crew 3 exclusive styles Lansen C Offers Supreme Ultimate Wolf of Odin – 39.99 € VIII Lansen C 1 exclusive 3D style 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot Standard – 28.45 € VIII Lansen C 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot View the full article
  24. Get ready Commanders, we’re going to test some adjustments to game mechanics that will encourage even greater precision in-game! We’ll be monitoring the impact of these changes closely while this event is active to ensure we continue to provide the best possible player experience. If we identify any issues with this test, we will revert these changes back to normal. During the Loaded Dice event you will play with exact Penetration & Burn Damage values, and the variability of Damage will be reduced for greater predictability. What does all of this mean? Currently, Penetration, Damage, and Burn Damage are calculated in-game within a variable range from their listed average values (sometimes referred to as Random Number Generation or RNG). Basically, every time you hit your opponent, the amount of armor that your shells will penetrate and the amount of damage that you deal is within a +/-25% range from the displayed average values. For example, let’s say that you are firing AP shells that have a penetration value of 100 and a damage value of 100. Every shell you fire will have the effects of the round calculated in two stages: 100 Penetration (+/- 25%) then 100 Damage (+/- 25%) In this example, every AP shell you fire would have a possible Penetration range of 75 – 125mm worth of armor (with the exact value being a random number generated from within this range). Likewise, shells that penetrate would then have a possible Damage range of 75 – 125 damage (again, with the exact value being a random number generated from within this range). Known issues: Please note that during the event, the in-game UI will still display the usual range of values for Penetration and Damage and will not reflect the changes made during the event. The Loaded Dice Event! During the Loaded Dice Event, your shells will always penetrate the exact amount of armor listed in-game (100mm worth of armor using the example above). Damage will continue to vary, though damage will be toned down to +/- 10% of the listed value (so a shell listed as doing 100 damage will randomly inflict between 90 – 110 damage during this event). To make things easier to understand, here is what you can expect during the Loaded Dice Event: Shell Damage Shell Damage: +/-25% variability reduced to +/-10%. A round that penetrates will do +/- 10% of its displayed damage value. Example: If a rounds average damage is 250 and you penetrate, your possible range of damage will be between 225-275. Note: An HE shells splash damage will still vary as the splash damage dealt is determined by the armors thickness Penetration Penetration: +/-25% variability removed from Penetration. A rounds penetration value is its displayed value and will no longer have a range applied. Example: If a rounds penetration value is 150mm, it will always penetrate 150mm worth of armor. Burn Damage Burn Damage: +/-25% RNG removed from Burn Damage. The damage per second of burn will no longer vary and will provide a more consistent burn. The length of burn will continue to vary. Each vehicle still has its own burn damage per second factor. Furthermore, the Aiming reticle color in-game will now indicate the following while the Loaded Dice Event is active: Red = 100% Penetration ​​​​​If your aiming circle is Red, you have 100% chance to penetrate the armor you are looking at. Note: The aiming circle only accounts for the armor panel you are aimed at. If you are aimed at Spaced armor it is only indicating that you can penetrate the spaced armor plate and doesn’t mean you will be able to penetrate all layers of armor. Orange = 50% Penetration If your aiming circle is Orange, you have a 50% chance to penetrate the armor you are looking at. There is a 50% chance that the armor you are looking at can be penetrated 100% of the time. There is a 50% chance that the armor you are looking at can be penetrated 0% of the time. Yellow = 0% Penetration If your aiming circle is Yellow you have 0% chance to penetrate the armor you are looking at. View the full article
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