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Found 8 results

  1. There have been some small nerfs in this latest round. Changes are from the original. View the full article
  2. The tank keeps getting nerfed, at this point it’s might be that WG is trying to find the “bottom ground”, and balance it around the middle, when the tank is borderline OP and borderline useless (just like how WG made HE changes obsolete and then overpowered in sandbox in order to find middle ground). Changes: – Accuracy from 0.38 to 0.4 – Aiming time from 3.07 to 3.26 s – Time between shells from 3 to 3.2 s – Average damage per minute from 2.019 to 1.996 – Gun spread on movement from 0.24 to 0.26 View the full article
  3. Nerfhammer keeps striking. – Aiming time from 2.88 nerfed to 3.07 s – Time between shots nerfed from 2.75 s. to 3 s – Average damage per minute from 2.049 to 2.019. – Tank’s HP from 1850 to 1750. View the full article
  4. To add to 2nd iteration of 752 changes, with this 3rd iteration Object 752 was nerfed even more. – Average damage per shot down from 440 to 390; – Average damage per minute from 2.311 to 2.049 View the full article
  5. Yesterday, Object 752 has received a different iteration on the supertest. 752 was deemed far too strong and has been nerfed accordingly. Performance buffs are highlighted. Firepower: – Average penetration down from 256 to 248 – Autoloader reload from 25.12 to 28.76 s. – Average damage per minute from 2586 to 2311. – Gun spread when turning the chassis from 0.18 to 0.24 Armor: – Armor of the upper frontal plate from 300 to 152 – Armor of hull sides from 55 to 140 – Upper frontal turret armor from 290 to 330 – Side turret armor from 320 to 150 Mobility: – Engine power down from 790 to 635 – Specific power from 17.4 to 13.99 hp/t. – Maximum forward speed from 50 to 40 km/h. Concealment: – Concealment while stationary from 6.84 / 1.23 to 7.41 / 1.33 – Concealment while stationary 34.2 / 6.16 to 3.71 / 0.67 (This stat seems overly excessive in the first place, WG might have implemented wrong values when tank came out, these are now proper) View the full article
  6. Today we are starting the Supertest for the Object 752, a Tier IX Soviet heavy. An oscillating turret and a gun with an autoloader (a quite uncommon combination for a Soviet) are the signature features of this vehicle. The autoloader is a fast one: three shells, 2.75 seconds between shots, and 21.8 seconds for a complete reload. As for the other stats, the gun dispersion is 0.4 m per 100 m, and the aiming time amounts to 3 seconds. The basic AP round can penetrate 256 mm of armor, and the special APCR can pierce 318 mm. The gun’s one-time damage is 440 points, and the vehicle’s view range is 380 m. The protection of the Object 752 is adequate for a heavy: up to 330 mm of armor at the front of the turret and up to 180 mm at the front of the hull. Yet keep in mind that there’s a weakly armored oscillating part behind the turret’s frontal plate, so you better engage your enemies at mid-range. Keeping the distance between your opponents and yourself is not a problem with a power-to-weight ratio of 17.4 hp per tonne and a top speed of 50 km/h. A gun depression of -8 degrees lets you use terrain folds to your advantage. The Object 752 combines the aggressiveness of the Soviets with the cautiousness of the French. The dynamics allows it to take advantageous positions first, and its firepower lets it dish out lots of damage over a short period of time. Still the tank’s operator should think beforehand of a place to wait out the reload time (while covering the weakly armored parts). The key to efficient play on this tank is reacting quickly to changes in the tactical environment, while making use of the vehicle’s strong sides. View the full article
  7. Hello! Today, the Soviet Tier IX heavy tank Object 752 is entering the supertest. The main features of the machine are an oscillating turret and a drum cannon. This is an atypical combination for a Soviet tank. The drum itself can be classified as fast: three shells, reloading between them – 2.75 seconds. The entire drum reloads in 21.8 seconds. The accuracy of the gun is 0.4 m per 100 m, the aim time is 3 seconds. A standard armor-piercing projectile pierces 256 mm, and a special sub-caliber projectile penetrates 318 mm. Shell damage is 440. Viewing range – 380 m. Armor of the tank corresponds to the class: the frontal projection of the turret reaches 330 mm, and the hull – up to 180 mm. However, it should be remembered that the frontal plate of the turret covers the weakly armored “swinging” part, so it is better to fight at an average distance. The dynamic characteristics will help to maintain it: the maximum speed of 50 km / h and the thrust-weight ratio of 17.4 hp / t. The gun’s depression angle of −8 ° will allow you to play from the terrain. “Object 752” combines the aggressiveness of Soviet tanks and French caution. Dynamics allows him to rush to the desired position in the forefront, and firepower – quickly inflict great damage due to the drum. However, later it will be necessary to wait out the drum charging somewhere, not forgetting to hide the weakly armored zones. The key to an effective game on this tank is a timely reaction to the situation on the battlefield, as well as understanding and using its strengths. Click to view slideshow. View the full article
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