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  1. Patch 1.6 armor model changes: Side armor buffed from 50mm to 100mm Lower plate nerfed from 210mm to 160mm Click to view slideshow. View the full article
  2. The rotation speed and the aim spread were nerfed in 1.5.1. New stats are below: View the full article
  3. In the wild screen shots. WoT Express View the full article
  4. VK 75.01 (K). Initial parameters: Tier: HT-8, Großdeutschland, premium HP: 1 600 Engine: 900 hp Mass: 75,00 t Maximum load: 80,00 t Power-to-weight: 12,00 hp / t Max speed/Min speed: 30 / -15 km / h Hull turning speed: 26 °/s Turret turning speed: 25 °/s Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,295 / 1,87 View range: 380 m Radio range: 740,4 m Hull armor: 180 / 100 / 80 mm Turret armor: 250 / 100 / 80 mm Gun: 12,8 cm Kw.K. L/61K Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 630 Penetration: 226 / 263 / 65 mm Rate of fire: 3,792 rounds/minute Damage per minute: 1 858,2 Reload time: 15,822 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0,374 Aiming time: 2,59 s Depression/Elevation: -5 ° / +15 ° Gun/Ammo: 5 member crew: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader, Radio Operator. Aim spread: after firing: 2,877; during the rotation of the turret: 0.144; while the vehicle is moving: 0.192; during vehicle rotation: 0.192; during turret rotation at the maximum speed: 3.45; at the maximum vehicle speed: 5.75; at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 4.99. Camouflage values: immobile tank camouflage: 7.4%; tank camouflage during motion: 3.7%; camouflage of the immobile tank while shooting: 1.13%; camouflage of the tank shooting during movement: 0.57%. More pictures: View the full article
  5. Today the VK 75.01 (K), a tier VIII Premium German heavy tank will enter the Supertest. Gameplay-wise, it could be described as a tier-adjusted VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B. The VK 75.01 (K) has excellent side armor and a strong glacis plate with 180mm of nominal armor. The well-protected turret (250mm nominal armor in the front) utilizes a gun dealing an average of 490 damage per shot with 226mm of armor penetration with the standard round. The VK 75.01 (K) is efficient at a close range, and sometimes at mid-range: this way, you can compensate for the not-so-stellar accuracy and aiming time of the gun. It’s a classic slow German heavy with a thick hide, so be careful when choosing a flank to push or defend. The VK 75.01 (K) has a decent turning rate, so running circles around it isn’t a universal go-to option for its adversaries. As for the German’s operator, the general tactic is rolling out of cover to deal damage (with enemies’ shots most likely ricocheting or being blocked by armor) and then rolling back into cover to reload. Add support from the allies to this simple play style, and you will win time after time! The VK 75.01 (K) is manned by a crew of five: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, and a Loader. Please take note that the stats of the vehicle aren’t final and may change depending on test results. View the full article
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