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  1. A patch to fix the audio was uploaded overnight. With update 0.8.8 we improved most of the sound environment in the game. Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly, and with the change, a few bugs crept in. In we will fix these sound bugs so that you can enjoy the roar of the guns again. List of fixes: Fixed an error that caused the message about the destruction of a ship to be repeated if a unique commander is assigned to the player’s ship; Fixed a bug that caused incorrect functioning of the sound settings. Fixed an error that caused the engine start sound to playback after closing the tactical map; Fixed a bug that caused AA defense and secondaries sounds to incorrectly play whilst controlling a squadron; Fixed a bug causing incorrect functioning of the Azur Lane audio modification. Changes in the transmission of sound through space of enemy and friendly shots. The sounds of the shots will now play correctly depending on the distance of the sound source; The volume of the fire alarm has been reduced; The sound of the ship’s horns has been adjusted; Adjusted the sound for voice announcements about hits when using the artillery camera to track shells; Sound Adjustment Tips If you want to customize the music and sounds according to your preferences, we’d like to give you some tips on how to do it better. The main volume sliders are located on the left side of the Audio settings window: General volume level – manages all sound in the game; SFX volume – manages all sounds except music and voice messages. There are several sliders on the right side of the Audio settings window for “fine-tuning” the sound. Gunfire volume – in the range from 100% to 50% adjusts the volume of your ship’s shots, and in the range from 50% to 0% adjusts the volume of all shots in the game. This slider also adjusts the hit volume; Engine sounds – in the range of 100% to 80% regulates the volume of “low-frequency knocking” in the engine sound. In the range of 80% to 0% adjusts the overall volume of the engines. In order to adjust the sound perfectly, you should start with the General volume and SFX volume, and then adjust it in detail with the other sliders. Please note: if the volume level is reduced to a minimum, it is possible that a category of sound will be muted because very quiet sounds are not a priority for the game sound system. We also advise you to pay attention to the parameter “Wide dynamic range”. This option is enabled for all players by default. Turning it off will minimize the difference in volume between the loudest and the quietest sounds in the game. We recommend you disable this setting in the following cases: If you are using a laptop or other device with built-in speakers; If you don’t think the sound in the game is balanced enough, even after “fine-tuning” the volume. When disabling this option, be sure to set the sliders on the right side of the settings menu to maximum volume. Additional Bug Fixes Ohio: Reload time of main caliber guns lowered from 30 to 27.5 s. View the full article
  2. Commanders! Inspired by the army gathered by Harold Godwinson on the Senlac Hill before the famous Battle of Hastings, where the Brits bravely fought William the Conqueror, the FV1066 Senlac is a tenacious opponent, as mentioned in our guide. This brand-new British Tier VIII light tank features a rear-mounted oscillating turret, supported by a super-fast chassis with great top and reverse speed. At the beginning of the battle, scout ahead and get more aggressive as battlefield unfolds its secrets. You can count on good armour penetration, a decent stabilisation and short aiming time for that. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to intercept lightly armoured vehicles, use your devastating HE shells! With 280 points of damage, 90 mm of penetration and a nice velocity of 1,020 meters per second, these rounds are particularly nasty when used correctly. Try out all these features with one of the packages below, and note that the Ultimate and Supreme bundles come with a crew trained for this vehicle and featuring enough XP for 1 or 2 skills/perks, respectively. Supreme – 99.99 € Ultimate – 49.99 € Standard – 25.07 € VIII FV1066 Senlac 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot +1 FV1066 Senlac rental code View the full article
  3. Click to view slideshow. It is interesting that with the release of the 3rd iteration of patch 1.6.1 Common Test the developers already added it openly to the game files in addition to the supertest. You understand how much they are in a hurry to add it to the base game. Therefore, most likely there will be few tests and the tank will soon be in release. We are waiting for the release in one of the micropatches after 1.6.1, if not in patch 1.6.1 itself (October). The technical characteristics of the supertest version of this machine differs from the characteristics of the public test version greatly. In the public test, the tank is nerfed and its performance characteristics are very similar to those of the Kirovets-1 (Unreleased tier 8 soviet premium) – New performance characteristics in the game (not the final version!): • reload time of guns; • Preparation time for a double shot; • Recharge lock time; • Gun change time. For Object 703 Option II, they amounted to: [CT3 1.6.1]: • Gun reload time (1/2): 10/8 sec. • Double shot preparation time: 4 sec. • Recharge lock time: 7 sec. • Changing guns: 5 sec. For Object 703 Option II they amounted to: [Supertest]: • Gun reload time (1/2): 13/13 sec. • Double shot preparation time: 3.5 sec. • Recharge lock time: 7 sec. • Changing guns: 5 sec. After firing with a doublet (immediately from 2 guns), it will be necessary to wait for the blocking time of 7 sec + 13 sec of reloading of 1 gun. * Crew: 5 people on ST and 4 on CT. ** The armor of the tank also differs between CT3 1.6.1 and ST. View the full article
  4. The sound of steps slushing in the snow welcome players to Kraftwerk. At first, single footsteps can be heard, but as the piece picks up, more and more boots are heard. Gradually, the approaching enemy can be heard. As the soundtrack evolves, the steps become more brisk and closer together until the opposing forces are charging at one another as war cries are screamed. The battle goes quiet, until only the wisps of the wind can be heard. Their battle is over; yours is just beginning. Listen to: Intro https://ritastatusreport.live/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Andrius_Klimka_-_Kraftwerk_intro.mp3Battle https://ritastatusreport.live/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Andrey_Kulik_feat._Andrius_Klimka_-_Kraftwerk_battle.mp3View the full article
  5. Today there was a Micropatch for the test server. CT 3 Patch Notes Main Changes Fixed some technical issues. View the full article
  6. Wargaming is mounting its biggest and best-planned assault yet on western gamers, with its first title built from the ground up by western developers for western audiences. CEO Victor Kislyi tells Seth Barton about the masterplan and how even a studio-destroying fire has been an opportunity in disguise Wargaming has traditionally launched its games from east to west. And it’s latest title Caliber – a PvE and PvP tactical third-person shooter – is another example of that approach, with the special forces-based title testing its flashbangs in the post-soviet CIS region before coming to the US and western Europe later. But CEO Victor Kislyi now accepts that such a strategy isn’t necessarily the best approach for those latter markets, telling us it’s a matter of cultural sensibilities. The talkative boss of Wargaming explains that he’s had little choice to consider the east-west cultural divide for most of his life. Born in Belarus, he explains his ongoing bewilderment at the attractions of WWE-styled American wrestling with its “big guys in golden bikinis’ (something we can agree on) and his dislike of the tortured time-travel plot devices of the recent Avengers movie (something we can’t). Going broader, he has a grudging respect for basketball, “not as good as football” though, and cheers us with his appreciation of the BBC’s Yes Minister, calling it “quality entertainment.” In short, he’s very aware that some (even unlikely) cultural exports can succeed across ( the phantom of the iron curtain while others, often inexplcably, do not resonate. The safest bet then is to make the game in the region that it’s intended for. “If we want to make a western game, we have to be in the west. The whole studio – no Russian manager, no Russian studio. It has to be all western from scratch” he tells us, which brings us around to Wargaming’s fledgling UK studio, based in Guildford. Speaking on the studies unannounced title, he admits: l was a little sceptical seeing the first sketches, but then I thought OK. we were probably doing something wrong all these years, let the people who have done It before do it for us.” And Kislyi is impressed by the team that studio head Sean Decker has assembled to work on the title. The whole team is loaded for western tastes. The reason why I mentioned WWE or The Avengers, is the game will have elements that maybe I don’t fully grasp, but that’s not a problem, that’s actually good; Having said that, Wargaming isn’t about to dive into some untried genre, with Kislyi dropping the biggest hints yet as to the nature of the upcoming game. “Free-to-play, battle, militarily-themed: he summarises, adding that ‘it’s going to have conflict, some violence, shooting:* And while the company isn’t following its usual geographical approach. it’s sticking to a rigorous and scientific process for rolling out its next tide. “Of course there will be testing of everything. Everything we do will be scientifically tested, that’s how you do things. Tested not in the east but in the US and western Europe, on people who watch those cartoons, who watch these sport programmes, these TV stars, that we just don’t know.’ THE GREAT FIRE OF GUILDFORD Wargaming’s ambitions in the UK are impressive. Guildford has long been a great place to set up a new studio but only if you have the backing to hire and retain the best talent in a competitive and relatively expensive part of the country. It’s a place to build a talented, veteran team, rather than a plucky upstart. The UK was chosen over the US for its mix of nationalities, Kislyi tells us: “Britain is even better {than the US) in terms of the variety of talent. Greeks, Swedes, Germans, as well as US talent too. We’re close to Heathrow so you’re one flight away from pretty much anywhere in the world – direct flights to everywhere. The studio was partly formed out of the acquisition of Edge Case Games, but has expanded rapidly since )then and will continue to grow with some 30 positions open at present. it’s also had something of an enforced clean slate of late, following a fire which destroyed the old Edge Case office. Keith Anderson, Wargaming UK’s publishing director, tells the story. “[In early August), Sunday night about one o’clock, we start getting some calls that our studio is on fire. And it turns out that some homeless guy started a fire on the canal, on the river that backs onto our studio, it caught onto the bushes, and they burnt up the back of our building. ‘The firemen came along and literally ripped down the back of our building to stop the fire, which went up into the roof, into the timbers. Our server room is now visible, it’s covered in water, so basically they exposed our server room and covered everything in water. “The studio was completely doused in smoke, the electrics were done. The front door was bashed down, and they cut holes in all our walls to make sure the fire wasn’t still smouldering inside:* A pretty complete destruction of the studio then, though thankfully no one was hurt in the fire. And the wider Wargaming organisation quickly got the team up and running in a temporary new office space, pending a move to a new permanent home. ‘ Our support team did an amazing job: Anderson continues. “Within two weeks we were in a new building, we’ve got 50 people set up. were back up and running, because our Wargaming Sydney team started running builds for us, so were playtesting again based on builds they’re running off their servers. To commemorate the event we printed special T-shirts for the studio team – the great fire of Guildford On the back tt says: ‘Nobody does burn down like we de. And congrats to the team, for making what could be a calamity and turning it around!• The team does have plans to move into a fantastic new space in the coming months. We’ve seen photos and it’s very impressive, but that’s all were allowed to say for now Kisliy tells us: “There were cheaper options, but this time I said: ‘Hey let’s have the best place to work in Guildford: And it will be the best place to work In Guildford: Kislyi is upbeat about the fire as well, seeing It as something of a good omen: “I think this is a sign from the heavens: get out of this old barn and move on with your lives: he smiles. He explains the Wargaming office in Minsk was flooded out when they did the alpha for World of Tanks and that game worked out well in the end. GROWING THE WARGAMING BRAND The new office will be just the most visible part of Wargaming’s ambitions, or as Kisliy puts it: “The UK project is going to be big, we’ll not settle for ‘let’s try; it’s going to be super-duper-triple-A: he exclaims. Studio head Decker has an impressive track record, with stints as senior vice president at CCP and six years at DICF. where he ended up as general manager of the studio. Kislyi notes that despite his success, Decker is still hungry, saying “He’s not going to retire in the foreseeable future, he wants a big thing. His job is not to invent the game and come up with creative Ideas. He builds the team, brings in the right people, and it’s going to be a dream team.” We’re not rushing: Kisliy is keen to impress upon us, with the game a long way from being shown publicly. There’s plenty of time for the new, and growing, team to make its marks on the franchise as Anderson explains for us in more detail: “We’re really trying to do stuff a bit differently, not for the sake of being different. but for the sake of looking for other opportunities to grow the Wargaming brand. It’s a totally new IP, a totally new way of looking at how were going to be doing this. And I think that’s the exciting bit, with the blessing of Victor and the Wargaming leadership, to go and forge a new path for ourselves. And then with leaders like Sean Decker and Paul Barnett (creative director), we’ve really got every opportunity to go out there and ante something pretty spectacular, something pretty fresh. And this is also why we think we’re a really exciting studio to join, because it’s very seldom in a games industry person’s career that they get to start on a new project, from scratch, fully funded, and build it on that end, Wargaming can afford to be somewhat picky about who it chooses for its new team, with Kislyi impressed with Decker’s clear approach to people management. “I wish I had more of this. (Sean) would rather not hire a person, or would fire a person, if they’re not the right fit, so he started from a company culture and common goal: were going for the big thing you’re either on the bus, or off the bus. “It’s easy to say, it’s in every business book, but it’s very difficult to do this in real life. But he has amazing style and he’s doing it, which makes me very very happy. I was impressed at the speed he moved. He announced to everyone: ‘We need you to be at the best of your capacities, we don’t have space for passenger” He was very clear: ‘We need this, this, this from these positions’, he knows his stuff He started hiring, and opening positions, using his network to bring in the best of the best people. He’s not in a rush, we understand that it’s going to take some time. so he’s doing his filtering. hiring and firing according to his standards, which are very high? ENGINE ROOMS The studio has already announced it’s working with Unreal, rather than Wargaming’s in-house engine that powers all its biggest hits to date. And although the venture represents a fresh beginning, Wargaming isn’t going to reinvent the wheel, literally-speaking, in order to achieve its goals. “Unreal was not designed to handle vehicles, so that’s why we have been porting in physics and all the things we have in Tanks, that you don’t have in Unreal. So we have Unreal loaded with World of Winks slut[ technologically speaking: Kislyl tells us, revealing another small piece of the unseen title, with “vehicular physics and ‘visibility systems being two things that the company has plugged into Unreal for the team. Moving away from Guildford. Wargaming is also exploring other genres and technologies. In Kiev (Ukraine), it’s working with the 125-strong Frag Lab on an unannounced title. “It’s going to be FPS: says Kislyi “Many of those guys were doing Warface before that, so they know how to do FPS, they are using Amazon technology [Lumberyard], because they know how to use it historically. We don’t give anybody any details now. but it’s going to be super-duper-triple-A FPS and again they have the mandate to make It right.” And moving back to Unreal, there’s the recently released Pagan Online, an action-RPG that represents the company’s first big step into the premium game market, with the title being sold on Steam. It’s notable for Its wide range of control schemes (point-and-click, controller or WASD), in what is often a somewhat staid space, and the breadth of its content. “It’s an experiment, we don’t intervene much with their production, we just give them publishing guidelines. It’s not free-to-play, it’s not the biggest shot we’ve made, but let’s try this one: Kislyi says on the game. HIGH CALIBER A bigger shot. or rather a fusillade of gunfire. comes in the form of Caliber, which (as we noted at the start) is now going through the more typical Wargaming gestation period. It’s currently in closed beta in the CIS region and you an currently sign up for an EU beta that is yet to be dated. “As an approach, it works, it serves a purpose. First we do CIS-Russia. They are more forgoing, we have a stronger community, and so on. Those things that need to be polished, some of them we don’t know until it has a critical mass of real players, balancing. etc. We do it in Russia. There are some things that you can never learn before you launch. The first month or two will tell us how much work is needed to bring to the west; Kislyi tells us. “This one we hope will be successful in the west because it’s a very universal topic It’s special forces, you can’t be humourous or have impressionist graphics, cel-shading or whatever. This is photorealistic, running on low-tier computers, because the guys in our target audience are not necessarily super-duper. Alienware-equipped guys.” We suggest that third-person shooters am a somewhat more crowded market than tank games, but Kislyi feels Caliber has Its own space ‘The world has been taken by storm by third-person. Fortnite for example. I tried The Division 2 for comparison (with Caliber]. it’s not a bad game, in fact it’s a very good game, it’s third-person, but the pacing is far apart, to have clear differentiation. And Caliber’s ‘free-to-play’. His own family dynamics have in part led Kislyi to love Caliber. He explains that his son had bumped him out of their Fortnite games for his lack of skills: “Fortnite I was honestly playing, playing, playing and then he stopped Inviting me! I’m kinda there but I’m also taking up a space:’ So the pair are now playing Caliber together instead: “I’m playing Medic or Heavy. and he’s playing Sniper or Assault. It’s a good father-son game. `Right now, in Fortnite, my son is not the best player – sorry son! And he plays less and less because he gets killed. It’s a very unforgiving environment. So listen Fortnite kids, Caliber, coming soon!” Original publication: MCV magazine, September 2019 release, pages 46-49. View the full article
  7. Click to view slideshow. Remaining rewards for the October (9) Twitch package. Title: “India” (India).The style of the package is not clear, most likely without. Rental tanks are unknown for the first time. There is information only about the nations: Great Britain and USA. • A new unique style. Conventional style – An all-season style issued to participants in a special promotion. * 1 piece, forever. Remember, this is relevant only for the package “India”, the style does not go to all subsequent packages! • Commander. Marie LeGrand is a new exclusive commander with 3 skills. Nation: any. “There is no such machine the control of which this brave Frenchwoman could not master. Definitely you will not envy those who stand in the way of her crew, ready for any risk. ” • Another new medal. Medal “Always on the alert.” * Medal given to participants in a special promotion. • New logo. “1542” – unhistorical. Price of 50 gold (not for sale). View the full article
  8. TwitchCon 2019 is approaching! To get ready for the event, we’ve got some tasks for you. Simply complete the following missions in a vehicle Tier IV or higher to earn emblems, inscriptions, styles, and more! For more information about TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego Sept. 27-29, please read our dedicated article. Road to TwitchCon: Special Missions MISSIONS START: Thursday, September 19, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET MISSIONS END: Friday, September 27, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET NO REDEMPTION CODE IS REQUIRED TO ACTIVATE THESE MISSIONS. Mission: Road to TwitchCon #1 Rewards: 5,000Combat XP 3×Inscriptions: “Damn Yankee” 2× Personal Reserves: +200%Crew XP (2 hours) 1דLeaflets” Token Conditions: Cause 10,000 damage over any number of battles Restrictions: Must be in a vehicle Tier IV-X Once per account Random and Grand Battles Mission: Road to TwitchCon #2 Rewards: 5,000Combat XP 3×Emblems: “Dodge Protec” 2× Personal Reserves: +50%XP (2 hours) 1דLeaflets” Token Conditions: Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team in 15 battles Restrictions: Must be in a vehicle Tier IV-X Once per account Random and Grand Battles Mission: Road to TwitchCon #3 Rewards: 5,000Combat XP 3×Emblems: “Emblem 16” 1×Garage Slot 2× Personal Reserves: +300%Free XP (2 hours) 1דLeaflets” Token Conditions: Damage 25 different enemy vehicles in any number of battles Restrictions: Must be in a vehicle Tier IV-X Once per account Random and Grand Battles Mission: Road to TwitchCon #4 Rewards: 1× Primary Style:“Made in the U.S.A. Conditions: Earn 3דLeaflets” Tokens Restrictions: Once per account View the full article
  9. Commanders! Your weekend has just been upgraded, which means our upcoming tournaments will feature not only Gold but also great Premium vehicles for every winner. Here, take a look at our prizes for 21 and 22 September: HOURS SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 15:00 Tier VIII – 2v2 VIII Lorraine 40 t Tier VI – 2v2 VII Panther/M10 17:00 Tier VI – 1v1 VI Type 64 Tier VIII – 1v1 VIII leKpz M 41 90 mm 19:00 Tier X – 2v2 VIII ELC EVEN 90 Tier X – 1v1 VIII Lansen C 21:00 Tier VI – 5v5 VI Tiger 131 (with its 100% trained “brother in arms” crew) Tier X – 3v3 VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46 Additionally, starting from 4 October, we’ll have a new weekly schedule for our tournaments. Check it down below and get ready to fight to be the best tanker out there! HOURS MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 15:00 Tier VI 1v1 Tier VIII 1v1 17:00 Tier IV 1v1 Tier VIII 2v2 Tier IV 1v1 Tier IV 2v2 Tier IV 1v1 Tier VIII 2v2 Tier VIII 3v3 19:00 Tier VI 1v1 Tier VIII 1v1 Tier X 1v1 Tier VI 1v1 Tier VIII 1v1 Tier VI 3v3 Tier VI 2v2 20:00 Tier VIII 1v1 Tier VI 2v2 Tier X 2v2 Tier VIII 2v2 Tier VI 2v2 Tier X 2v2 Tier X 1v1 21:00 Tier X 3v3 Tier VI 3v3 Tier X 3v3 Tier X 5v5 Tier VI 3v3 View the full article
  10. Ready for a warm-up lap, commanders? You better be, because World of Tanks will soon welcome a new game mode to end our Festival with a massive bang. And who better to introduce The Great Race than one of our finest tank drivers, Eekeeboo? On 23 September our European treasure will sit behind the wheel from 15:00 to 19:00 CEST (UTC+2) to walk – or rather drive, in this case – you through this new game mode. And as if having a private driving instructor wasn’t enough, Eek’ will also introduce you to the American version of TwitchCon, its prelude missions and our activities there. So don’t miss out this opportunity to learn a great deal about World of Tanks’ immediate future and tune it on Twitch on 23 September, starting 15:00 CEST (UTC+2). World of Tanks on Twitch View the full article
  11. Tankers, We’re offering the Soviet Object 244 Tier VI heavy tank in the Premium Shop for a limited time. Among all vehicles in its Tier and class, it has high ratings for dispersion at 100 m, top speed, and traverse speed. Packing an 85 mm cannon, it delivers precise shots, while dutifully deflecting and absorbing damage. Just keep an eye on those shots and make them count, as the vehicle has very limited ammo capacity. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a collectible to your Garage! Collector’s Edition Offer: Object 244 OFFER BEGINS: Thursday, September 19, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET OFFER ENDS: Monday, September 23, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET BUNDLE: CONTENTS: OFFER: Object 244 VI Object 244 GetXP for the first 40 wins in the Object 244 100%Crew 1×Coated Optics 1×Enhanced Gun-laying Drive 1×Improved Ventilation Class 3 7,000 Gold 5,000,000 Credits 1×Garage Slot $117.20 YOU PAY $99.99 (14% Off) BUY NOW View the full article
  12. The third Common Test for Update 1.6.1 is available now, which means you can storm into battle right away to check out all the new update features and improvements! There’s plenty to look out for: Multinational Vehicles, New Styles, Ranked Battles tweaks, and more! Fixed Issues Fixed some technical issues. View the full article
  13. Today’s code is HAPPYPURRRRTHDAY also giving an Unsinkable Sam container. View the full article
  14. Dispersion Circle By StranikS_Scan – This will show you the REAL dispersion of your gun. No more shots flying into SerB’s as*hole All settings are in: WOT\res_mods\configs\BBMods\Auxilium\DCircle1.json Source Link Download Link View the full article
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