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  2. Commanders! We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays. You might have missed a few games, but don’t worry. A tank is only as strong as its commander is relaxed, and with the Tank Festival activities roaring and these precious x5 XP victory bonuses, now is the best time to make a glorious comeback to World of Tanks. Crank it up to 11 – 44.99 € 75 missions: x5 XP for each victory 7,000 Gold World of Tanks Premium Account: 30 days 5 Garage Slots View the full article
  3. Commanders! If you want to look as badass as Red Dawn, Flammenschwert or Rattle Snake, you’re in for a treat: we’re now offering an exclusive style and decals inspired by our Steel Hunter mode. Get them now to give a unique flavour to your favourite tanks! Steel Hunter Best Buy – 19.94 € 1 Steel Hunter style 3 Steel Hunter decals Mk. 1 3 Steel Hunter decals Mk. 2 1,500 Gold WoT Premium Account: 30 days Steel Hunter Pack – 9.99 € 1 Steel Hunter style 3 Steel Hunter decals Mk. 1 3 Steel Hunter decals Mk. 2 Steel Hunter Style – 6.99 € 1 Steel Hunter style View the full article
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  5. Only new thing are these screen caps of the current model. So far not final and only in SD. We have the stats just to remind you. WoT Express. View the full article
  6. • Commander. Alex “The Hunter” Duke: – A new, exclusive commander with 3 skills. Nation: any. “As befits a real mercenary, Alex“ The Hunter ”Duke is an excellent fighter and versatile commander who can benefit from any situation.” • New medal. Medal “Mercenary Token” – and again updated for a new package. * Medal given to the participants of the “Live” campaign. • Big decal in the style of the Tank Festival. The decal “In advance!” – unhistorical, tech. price of 150 gold (not for sale). Group: Special, for vehicles of tiers 8 and 10. * A decal issued to the participants of the “Live” campaign. Rentals: Type 62 and T34 Click to view slideshow. View the full article
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  8. Thanks to rykoszet for the transcript What changes did you make to Matchmaking and did it bring the results you expected? – Andrey Biletskiy: Yes, the goal has been achieved. Impressions at many levels of the game have been significantly improved primarily at levels VII and VIII, where eventually the number of battles has significantly decreased, where these vehicles started at the bottom of the list. This is not the end for us, we have further iterations that we are gradually introducing at even a good pace. We are testing a system that allows us to control situations where the battle system is very strange, which we are never satisfied with. Think about it this way: Matchmaker is fed with a huge amount of random elements at once and what we are trying to teach him is to manipulate time, because it is the only variable that we can play and control. So Matchmaker uses these minimum delays in the selection of players to assemble more predictable teams. This will avoid situations that are theoretically possible, where we have 16 light tanks in the battle. Or it will give us the ability to control how often specific levels will land in MM +1 or +2. This, of course, does not mean that every player will have mathematically such chances that he will play one such battle, the other such battle, sometimes of course there may be differences. We also want to make sure that we provide players with the most diverse experiences possible. We are also testing the mechanism controlling the effects of battles with three, two one and no artillery and it seems to me that after one more iteration of the test we will be able to say that we have achieved what we wanted. Interestingly, we are testing this MM on official servers, introducing new rules for a short time to get the most organic, real data, not their statistics. Sometimes players write to support that they had a strange battle, or that they waited too long in the battle queue, and that gives us a lot of information. When we’re done with what we’re working on now, we’ll extend work on MM to many situations that he hasn’t considered before. For example – we have a vehicle tagging system, used even in Ranked Battles. When it happens that MM finds too many alpha tank destroyers in the battle, for example, the queue will be rebuilt by delaying matchmaking for some people in a few seconds and allowing new ones. In general, work on Matchmaking is like skateboarding blindfolded. – What Matchmaking improvements are you planning in the near future? – Andrey Biletskiy: I have already talked about the most important improvements, the MM control mechanism. All the time we have these strange battles from time to time due to the way MM manages the queue. This is where our work is focused. We want teams to be predictable and comfortable for players. – Are there any plans to redistribute specific types of vehicles, for example light tanks, for battles? – Andrey Biletskiy: We’re already doing it with artillery! However, before we extend it to other types of vehicles, we need to make sure it works. Step by step, iteration after iteration we will try to introduce more control over what MM does. – Alexey Ilyin: I would like to add a few words here: our main goal now is not to break up what we already have. At the moment, the queue – especially on the European and yew server – works stable and well due to their large population. We don’t want to spoil anything because the system works well. We have reduced the number of battles with MM +2, where, for example, Tier VIII met Tier X tanks in 40% of the battles, but we were able to reduce this value by half to 20%. We are happy with it. Above all, however, we are working on what Andrey mentioned and we are working on a series of small changes that will allow the new architecture to learn how to deal with specific situations. For example, we are talking about situations where there are a lot of the same vehicles in the queue. We want to solve these situations without dramatically extending battle waiting and MM errors. – Will there be a +1 balance? – Andrey Biletskiy: I don’t think so, I wouldn’t advise entering it either. However, our changes are intended to make sure players have a fair distribution of battles. We further believe that MM +2 introduces a more diverse experience, puts the player in a large number of different situations to which he must adapt, build new tactics and strategies. – Why won’t there be skill-based matchmaking? – Andrey Biletskiy: As you probably know, people sometimes break out on ranked battles. They blame ranked battles for being super thick, nervous, and so on. And it is Ranked Battles that are the closest implementation of skill-based matchmaking. To be honest: based on the popularity of Ranked Battles, I don’t see the need to introduce something like that. Again – it’s all about a multitude of experiences, sometimes being the winning side, sometimes losing, so that players can try to turn the tide of battles. Lack of skill MM also gives interesting opportunities to measure the performance of players relative to others. What we observed in the rankings – the winrate of all players was very close to 50%. This way no player will ever feel that he is getting better, he will not feel the fun of developing. Switching to skill matchmaking would force us to copy League of Legends with their league and rank system and I’m not sure if it would be a solution for our game that would maintain this contrasting, varied gameplay. So for now – even on the front line, we confront players based on their experience in this mode, but although maybe in the future we will introduce some skill MM elements into different modes, the randoms should remain random. – Alexey Ilyin: The same question also often appears on the CIS server, it seems to me that players would like more intense battles, but not everyone could handle it. Ranked battles have shown us that it’s not everyday gameplay. – We had a large balance of various vehicles, such as the FV4005 or Type 5 Heavy. How are they doing after the changes? Have you noticed a decrease in players’ interest in exploring these lines? – Alexey Ilyin: Let’s start with Type 5: We tried not to remove this tank from the game, but to reduce the number of HE shells. Now the popularity of both sections is quite equal. We are happy with this and the tank remains popular, although its number in battles has decreased. The performance of both guns is quite similar. That’s good because we want to give people choice and use for both of them, although in different roles. Speaking of FV: The level of popularity has not changed at all. The nerf wasn’t that big and what we wanted to achieve was a reduction in the survivability of the vehicle, not its firepower. This was achieved, his injuries are still very large, but survivability has decreased. We are also happy with the rebalance, the vehicles are still popular, but not so toxic and too effective. – Will you change vehicle characteristics this year? If so, which ones? – Andrey Biletskiy: We’re testing missile rebalance. This is a huge initiative, the biggest balance challenge in years. The whole balance focus is on this. We are pleased with these changes and tests in the sandbox. People also seem to like it more and more. At the moment, as long as we believe that we are in the right place with changes, we will not introduce small changes anywhere. Slava Makarov, my boss, once shared a weak joke like “finish cutting the tail of a cat piece by piece,” so we try to do it with one cut. If in one of the next sandboxes we see a deterioration in the perception of players on these changes and decide to stop them, then we have plans to return to the old model. But for now we want to introduce many small changes in a large package. – Alexey Ilyin: I would like to talk about specific vehicles, because at the previous WG Fest we announced a change in the tops of five great lines and we have already done the Kranvagen, STB-1 and Leopard 1 rebalance, which we are happy with, and the reason we are waiting with IS-4 and The E-100 relies on changes in missiles that will affect them much more than the three already changed. Also first we want to change it and then see what the change in their performance will be and adjust them later. We remember them, we know that we should focus on them, but we will do it only after changes in ammunition. – When is the next sandbox and what will we test? – Alexey Ilyin: The next sandbox will be in October, we are trying to find the right date, because there will be a lot of events. We don’t want to disturb them. The next test will focus on HE shells. We have already changed the ammunition and pool of tanks of HP, the changes in them will be small, but we will add fragments and the mechanics of dealing damage. – Andrey Biletskiy: I don’t think we are ready to provide details, because they are not yet agreed, but the main thought is that now frags are completely unpredictable. How many times it happens that even very large calibers work against unarmored vehicles, they do not deal enough damage. The goal here is to increase the predictability of these missiles and fulfill their role – they are to finish the target when there is no time to aim, defend the base or deal damage to tanks that we are unable to move otherwise. We are working on the HE missile damage module, we have new instruments for it for various tanks. It will also allow us to differentiate the system of normal tank missiles from artillery. We will adjust these components so that the missiles achieve the intended effects on impact. – Alexey Ilyin: A few more words: Players, take part in these tests. This is important because we can analyze your opinions and get key data from it. The test will be in October, everyone will be able to take part in it, just download the client. Of course, the right article with details will appear in due time, so please help us make the game better. – Andrey Biletskiy: Particularly worth noting is the fact that this time there will be no invitation system as in previous iterations. Simply put – if you want to take part, take part. The more opinions and data from your gameplay we get from you, the better we will understand where we are going and how to make it better. – Why are British light tanks so weak? Do you plan to improve them? – Alexey Ilyin: I’ll start from another side: This year we released several vehicles and we didn’t want to repeat from previous lines and clone previous vehicles. We want something new, fill the options in the game where there have been loopholes so far. For example, when releasing Swedes – a new suspension was a curiosity. The same with wheeled or Swedish medium tanks. In British light tanks everything is based on a passive spot, because this sphere may not have been empty, but … – Andrey Biletskiy: Not full enough. What Alexey talks about are different styles of play. Swedish tank destroyers allow an interesting approach to the verticality of maps. Swedish heavy tanks are a different approach to magazines, in a different role. The taxi drivers are ultimately active scouts, as we saw in the 3vs3 tournament a moment ago. Yes, the wheelers were created so that they could not be easily stopped, encouraging active gameplay. In turn, British light tanks are for this group of players – whom we know because we have statistics – who prefer passive meeting. We don’t want to create one line for everyone, because it would be a failure for us. We don’t want players to say “I will stop playing my style because everyone is playing it”. Interestingly, we have different wheeled vehicle pickups on different servers. Some say they are OP, while others are much less. The same with British light tanks. We have opinions from the world that they are OP. It’s very subjective. – Alexey Ilyin: I will be very boring talking about numbers, but they are quite popular. Players who can and want to play them play them. There are quite a lot of them, and the efficiency is not bad at all, because they are at the level of the best light tanks. The number of Manticore spots is similar to the AMX 13 105, T-100 LT and wheeled vehicles. They are quite good, not for everyone, but they manage in a passive spot. – Why did you cancel the 430U rebalance? – Andrey Biletskiy: Probably thanks to your reaction to the news . – Max Chuvalov: We had a big debate in which direction we should go and when we noticed the reaction of the community we realized that it would not work. We immediately undo these changes, leaving only STB and Leopard. – Andrey Biletskiy: This does not mean that we will never go back to this topic, but in the upcoming major changes we will definitely see how it turns out in practice. – Can you tell a little more about the new mode? – Andrey Biletskiy: It’s a Battle Royale style mode, if you remember we had it for April Fool’s Day, it was a very, very early prototype that almost leaked. I mean, we made fun of this leak, but it was a really early prototype. We wanted to see the reaction of recipients to unusual mechanics. We want to introduce an environment where players can adapt their playing style dynamically during the battle. We will also have many asymmetrical duels with each other. Map control, maintenance or navigation will be completely different. The meeting system, which makes every move think twice, will be completely changed and more dangerous. And the rules of the battlefield – the map is getting smaller, you have to keep up with the changes in the battlefield. Everything is based on territory control and collecting equipment dropped by planes and found in different places on the map. Of course, you can also grab the wrecks of opponents. Tanks will evolve. Everyone will start at a similar level, but different people like different styles of play, so we will allow experience and change tanks as you like in the progression of the battle. Maybe a smaller, harder to see vehicle, or maybe a larger, better armored vehicle? You can evolve vehicles your way. The mode will be available solo and in three-man platoons and will face the same number of groups. The mode has already been checked at the top of developers in Minsk and it seems to me that we have prepared something really fun. – Something more about the mechanics of this mode? – Andrey Biletskiy: First of all, we wanted to keep this feeling of discovering the unknown, but the mechanics have changed a lot since April Fool’s Day 2018. Every time we release new modes we want to show something new and look for conclusions on how to use it or what not to do anymore. . There will be various new consumables that may also go to the front line in the future. If we see a positive reception, we are serious about making this a seasonal event, like a front line. This will give us a completely new approach to competition in the game, but avoiding the problems that are associated with competition modes. It can also be much more interesting to watch for viewers, even on Youtube, because it requires less specific knowledge and is more affordable. We have made many changes based on our experience, even with the respawn system. We’ve also added a radar that will let you find yourself more or less in a situation. We’ve changed many things in the consumables, we’ve introduced the evolution of the tank to reduce the randomness of what you can and cannot do in battle, so it’s a very big test for us. I hope that people will enjoy it not only because it is Battle Royale, but also a different approach to the game of World of Tanks that divides the basics and part of the mechanics. You can still play armor, you can still use the terrain to gain an advantage, all the time you have to predict your opponent’s moves to succeed. At the same time, however, you can adapt to what others are doing and to what is. – Why did you turn off friendly fire? – Andrey Biletskiy: It’s a very complicated question. – Alexey Ilyin: Because we can! – Andrey Biletskiy: You know, from the perspective of how good we give communication opportunities to players – basically it’s “bad”, but it will improve – it turned out that damage to the ally has become one of the methods of transmission “hey, man, I do not like What you’re doing”. However, this negatively affected the whole team, especially when such a signal was sent by a guy from a 150mm caliber gun … Secondly, we got a lot of complaints that the players behave strangely and ruined all the fun. So we began to wonder what friendly fire gives us. Of course, without discussion, this is realistic, but is it useful in the game? Maybe we should give players other communication options? And we started to do it in different modes, turning off allied fire just to see how it works. Maybe people would be dissatisfied with that, or it would have a big impact on the game? It turned out not, and people were quite happy about it. Of course, there are still problems with abuse, such as throwing off cliffs or drowning, but it is much more difficult and requires more effort and maybe – just maybe – people in troll mode will think “not worth it” and let go. – Alexey Ilyin: One of the main reasons was that players who shot at allies didn’t want to. It was accidents that upset both sides. Players who accidentally fired at allies had to suffer excessive consequences of unintended actions. If nobody wanted to, why not just turn it off? – Last question: Can you share the effects of the last event – “Homefront”? – Max Chuvalov: We tested several mechanics and systems. First, we checked artificial intelligence and how PVE mode could work in the game. To remind you – these were several waves of opponents that had to be beaten in five. Bots are nice. Very good. It would seem that sometimes they even rotate the hull when you shoot them. AI is of course the most important element of every PVE mode. We are pleased that we were able to create such an AI. Secondly – the narrative. We’ve tested missions, maybe it can be developed more. We checked the superplutons – five people. And the biggest information for us – players like PVE and want to spend a lot of time there, so we had to limit their access to it with fuel. Many players used all the fuel they got. These are important tips and green light for the concept. – Andrey Biletskiy: This is our first approach to PVE, our crew is not used to it. We are learning, but I hope that we will soon announce further steps in this direction and our success will continue. Who knows what we’ll get? Maybe with time you can tell a story! View the full article
  10. Seemingly the “insider” information about the E-75TS being a reward is fake, so don’t hold me acountable for that View the full article
  11. The Tank Museum Bovington The History Guy came to The Tank Museum to choose his Top 5 Tanks. Let us know what you think in the comments. View the full article
  12. From August 26 through September 16, World of Tanks will host a large-scale game event — Steel Hunter. This is one of the most unusual and outstanding modes we’ve created to date, with heaps of rewards and brand-new core gameplay mechanics. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it, so read up on all the details of this event! EVENT: Event Begins: Event Ends: Steel Hunter Monday, August 26 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET Monday, September 16 01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET Brief Summary In Steel Hunter, it’s every tanker for themself! The battles involve 20 (when playing in solo mode) or 21 (when playing in a Platoon of three) players. Your main goal is to survive at all costs, while looting spawned treasures and escaping Danger Zones in a timely fashion. At the end of the battle, there should be only one Commander or one victorious Platoon left on the battlefield. In the Steel Hunter game event, you can also: Upgrade your vehicle during the battle Loot destroyed vehicles Pick up Airdrops: The most valuable in-game loot Use unique combat consumables to change the outcome of the battle Spot enemies via a new Vision/Aiming Mechanics system Detect adversaries and treasures with a brand-new mechanic: Radio Detection In this mode, we’ve implemented a fundamentally new system of visibility aiming — find out all about it below How Can I Start Playing? 1. Go to the Steel Hunter Garage through the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle” button. 2. Use the 3D object in your Garage. Clicking on it will take you to the Steel Hunter Garage, then choose a tank, and click “Battle!” 3. Create a special Platoon for the mode. Gather three (3) players in a Platoon, choose a unique vehicle, and roll out! On August 26, you will find three special vehicles to choose from in the Steel Hunter Garage: one from the U.S.A., one from Germany, and one from the U.S.S.R. You cannot mount any additional equipment on these tanks; the possibility of customization is also not provided. Choose one of the tanks and click the “Battle” button to start your exciting combat journey! Rattlesnake Red Dawn Flammenschwert Special Vehicles, Upgrading in Battles Each of the three available tanks can be upgraded from Tier I-VIII right in the middle of the battle. To research your tank, you need to earn Battle XP by looting treasures and damaging/destroying enemies. For each vehicle, a unique tree of modules is provided. Once you have enough Battle XP points, you can upgrade your tank. Each level offers one of two modules to choose from. They change the characteristics and appearance of the tank right in the middle of the battle. Despite the Tech Tree being pretty simple, it offers a meaningful choice between vehicles with different play styles each time you upgrade, so check it out. Your Garage displays a diagram of the vulnerable zones of tanks. When an enemy hits these zones, the chance of critical damage is much higher than in Random Battles. Crews The Crew is tied to the vehicle and locked, so you cannot send it to the Barracks, dismiss, or change the composition of Perks. The Crew also doesn’t receive Crew XP and has a fixed set of the following Perks unified across all machines: Sixth Sense Eagle Eye It’s impossible to injure the crew members of your vehicle — the First Aid kit is not used in the mode. Types of Loot To research your vehicle, you also need to look for treasures and special stationary loot points on the map. When you find yourself at these points, you will be able to collect loot that may contain Battle XP, shells, and consumables. In total, there are four (4) types of loot provided: Ammunition Contains shells and an amount of Battle XP; also restores Hit Points. Consumables Contains consumables and an amount of Battle XP. Spoils of War Loot from destroyed vehicles containing all its resources and an amount of Battle XP. Spoils of War that still contain loot will be highlighted with red smoke. Airdrops The most valuable loot in the mode delivered by air, containing more valuable consumables and a greater amount of Battle XP. Many players will want to get their hands on airdrops, so you’ll have to push yourself to the limits to beat the competition. Also, all players can see on their mini-maps where airdrops land. Destroying enemy vehicles also leaves behind special loot at the destruction site of the tank. The loot point after destroying an enemy tank contains: All consumables, which at the time of the destruction were equipped on the destroyed tank All shells equipped on a destroyed tank A great amount of Battle XP points Vision/Aiming Mechanics The system of visibility in the Steel Hunter mode is brand new to World of Tanks and based on the principle of Vision Cone. Enemy vehicles become visible only when they appear in your visibility sector depicted on the mini-map. When the enemy is in your sight, its marker and the HP bar are displayed When aiming at the enemy, the contour of the model is also displayed But if the enemy is within 50 meters of you, it will automatically become visible, as in all other regular modes of World of Tanks. By improving tank modules, you can also enlarge your visibility sector. By default, all players have the Sixth Sense Perk, but its activation doesn’t mean you can notice the enemy — it needs to be exactly in your Vision Cone to become visible. Map and Danger Zones Battles unfold on a huge city map called Dreamland, which shrinks with time, leaving less space to play and to survive. The total battle time is 15 minutes. Before the battle, you can choose which sector of the map to respawn. Also on the map will be the so-called Danger Zones — deadly, dangerous locations. If you get inside, and the Zone turns orange, it means that it will close soon, and you need to leave it as soon as possible. After closing, the Danger Zone turns red, and a countdown timer appears. After the countdown expires, your tank will be continuously damaged until destroyed. Radio Detection Mechanics & Accompanying Music Radio Detection is an exclusive tactical mechanic displaying stationary loot points, as well as enemy tanks, on the mini-map. It is activated manually using the “Lock Hull / Switch Mode” key (“X” by default). But beware: using Radio Detection instantly reveals your current position on the mini-map at the time of activation to all players within the detection radius. Your position isn’t updated over time and is visible to opponents only at the time of activation, and the detection radius depends on your vehicle’s starting characteristics and the choice of modules in the research process. So use Radio Detection wisely and plan your actions a few paces ahead! Fear of the unknown, the atmosphere of suspense, and constant danger are also enhanced by the soundtrack. Musical compositions in the mode reinforce the feeling of a furious chase in which it’s unclear whether you are the hunter or the prey. Energetic and instantly memorable melodies encourage you to constantly be in motion and not stop for a second. Consumables In the Steel Hunter mode, four (4) unique types of consumables are available: Turbocharger Temporarily increases the maximum speed and acceleration of the tank Recovery Restores a fixed amount of HP Target-Tracking Increases aiming speed, gun stabilization, and other combat parameters Repair Kit Repairs all damaged modules (similar to Large Repair Kits in Random Battles) The ammunition of your tank at the start of the event (for Tier I vehicles) consists of eight (8) shells, one (1) Repair Kit, one (1) Turbocharger, and one (1) Recovery. Abilities In addition to consumables, you can activate global Abilities, including: Recovery Zone Creates a temporary zone where you and your teammates may recover HP Airstrike Allows you to attack opponents with bombs dropped from an airplane Trap Creates a temporary zone where enemy tanks are slowed down Smoke Screen Creates a smoke cloud to hide you from enemies Progression System The event’s progression is based on the system of Ranks. All in all, there are 25 Ranks provided. When reaching the ultimate 25th rank, you will receive special rewards — a medal and a unique Badge, Bonds and Credits, a 2D-style, and days of WoT Premium Account. Depending on your effectiveness in battles, you can earn or lose Chevrons. The number of chevrons you earn or lose depends on your place in the TOP-20 for a solo mode, or the TOP-7 for a Platoon mode. The number of Chevrons needed to achieve different ranks varies. If you’re ineffective in battle and find yourself at the bottom of the list, you will lose the earned chevrons. If you get into the middle of the list, you will not lose the Chevrons, but you will not earn new ones either. By receiving the required number of Chevrons, you will reach Ranks. As is the case with Chevrons, you can lose Ranks if you show poor combat effectiveness. At the same time, Ranks 5, 15, and 25 are “permanent” — when you reach them, you will not be able to drop out of them into lower ones if you lose the Chevrons. Achieving every Rank brings you rewards, including: Bonds Credits Medals A decal Badges Days of WoT Premium Account In addition, having reached Ranks 15 and 25, you will be rewarded you with two unique 2D styles: Repeatedly receiving rewards for reaching the same Rank is not provided. Missions I’m Going Hunting! Part 1 Be among the top 15 players when fighting Solo in Steel Hunter mode Four (4) times per day Reward: 20,000 credits, x1 Stock up on ammo and rework your loadouts, Commanders! Battle for supremacy and prove you’re real Steel Hunters! I’m Going Hunting! Part 2 Be among the top 15 players when fighting Solo in Steel Hunter mode Earn x4 Once per day Reward: 20,000 credits, x2 We’re Going Hunting! Be among the top 5 Platoons when fighting in a Platoon in Steel Hunter mode Five (5) times per day Reward: 20,000 credits View the full article
  13. Take part in Steel Hunter, the new game event. Go to Dreamland where it’s every hunter for themselves. Look for Spoils of War, upgrade your vehicle and choose modules for it, but most importantly, survive at any cost. In the end there can be only one. Become the greatest hunter in World of Tanks. View the full article
  15. It’s the weekend and that time of month to give props to those who run the machines — your Crew! Show them a little love by doubling their XP; you can also earn other goodies in Supply Raid Missions for specific vehicle Tiers! Crew XP & Supply Raid Missions MISSIONS BEGIN: Friday, August 23, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET MISSIONS END: Monday, August 26, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET Important — to access the following missions, please use the this redemption code: 7A6KREN3YN REDEEM CODE Mission: Double Crew XP for Victories Rewards: ×2Crew XP Conditions: Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team in a Victorious battle Restrictions: All Battle types All vehicles First Victory does not count Repeatable Mission: Tier II-V Challenge Rewards: 3×Small Repair Kits Conditions: Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team in three (3) battles Restrictions: All Battle types Tier II-V vehicles only Twice per day Mission: Tier VI-VII Challenge Rewards: 3×Small Repair Kits Conditions: Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team in three (3) battles Restrictions: All Battle types Tier II-V vehicles only Twice per day Mission: Tier VIII-X Challenge Rewards: 2×Automatic Fire Extinguisher 2×Large First Aid Kit 2×Large Repair Kit Conditions: Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team and destroy 10 vehicles over any number of battles Restrictions: All Battle types Tier VIII-X vehicles only Twice per day View the full article
  16. This bug(s) by the looks of it has two different iterations, one is when you spectate an ally while waiting for respawns and he dies at the exact moment of respawn, (first video), other one happens when, I quote: In Frontline when you’ve run out of tanks and are in the free camera mode, if you click a platoon mate to watch from their perspective (not sure if it would work with any random player), sometimes when you respawn you will still be watching their play but you can control your tank. https://vk.com/video-70226354_456242095 https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoothHelpfulPoxBatChest View the full article
  17. Source: WG EU Support As you may have noticed, 3 garage slots can be missing after today’s micropatch. This is just a display bug, and you can still buy the tanks (for example directly from the tech tree). Development team is currently working on the fix. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. View the full article
  18. Commanders! Straight outta Germany, the first sale of the “unskinned” version of the Mauerbrecher arrives. You asked for it, and we listened: it’s now possible to add the VK 168.01 (P) without the Mauerbrecher skin on its armour, or even exchange it if you already had it parked in your Garage. A wise decision, knowing that this super-heavy German tank is highly resilient and quite punishing, courtesy of its decent penetration and alpha damage values. VK 168.01 (P) (Mauerbrecher) Offers Supreme – 99.99 € Standard – Mauerbrecher Ultimate 69.99 € Standard – Mauerbrecher Standard – 41.70 € Standard – Mauerbrecher VIII VK 168.01 (P) Garage Slot 100% Trained Crew View the full article
  19. The Internet Development Institute (IRI) sent a letter addressed to the Russian Minister of Education Olga Vasilyeva with a proposal to introduce e-sports lessons as school electives. In particular, the experts attached a list of games that, in their opinion, are optimally suitable for these purposes, TASS has the corresponding letter. Among the games proposed by the letter, the list includes football simulations (FIFA 19) and online multiplayer games (Dota 2, Starcraft II, World of Tanks, Minecraft and others). According to experts, introducing such electives is necessary for the development of certain skills in children: strategic and logical thinking, the ability to make quick decisions, teamwork. In addition, the Institute is confident that this practice will help create a healthy consumption culture of video game content among children, and support their interest in the educational process. For example, experts suggested, during electives, children would learn not only how to benefit from games, but how to do eye exercises, dynamic rest, learn how to discuss team strategy, and engage in effective time management. “Games and e-sports are one of the most popular hobbies of teenagers right now. Often children play hiding from their parents, which creates a risk of a destructive influence. The IRI initiative will help to avoid trauma to the child’s psyche and health by creating a space of trust, where ere teenagers will play and develop their eSports talents. Meanwhile, teachers and parents will know that this happens in a safe environment, according to recommendations approved by psychologists and experts,” Head of the Internet Development Institute Sergey Petrov told TASS. According to him, it is also important to support Russian players, as although the IRI list consists of foreign games, “now there are interesting games from Russian companies and startups, which in the future can be on a par with global brands and gain popularity with a young audience”. Source: TASS View the full article
  20. From the Forums. The bunker’s size was increased even more for better tactical opportunities. Now it’s one of the key areas on the map. The path next to the bridge was changed to avoid attacks from behind happening too quickly. Passages were added to connect areas on the opposite side of each block. Additional covers were added, allowing you to move between them along the entire map. View the full article
  21. Tak další pokus. Aktuální je night verze XVM, vše ostatní zdá se šlape dál. V případě problémů dejte vědět.
  22. 3 styles, one as a purchase only style and others as rewards. • “Steel Hunter” (BR paid). The style is exclusively purchased. – All-season style, dedicated to the event of the same name. Unhistorical, tech. the price of 1750 gold. Only for vehicles of tiers 8, 9 and 10. • “Amateur Hunter” (BR award 15). – An all-season style, issued for achieving the 15th degree in the Steel Hunter event. Unhistorical, tech. the price is 750 gold. Only for vehicles of level 8, 9 and 10. • “Professional Hunter” (BR award 25). – An all-weather style, issued for achieving the 25th degree in the Steel Hunter event. Unhistorical, tech. the price is 750 gold. Only for vehicles of tiers 8, 9 and 10. Click to view slideshow. View the full article
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